Be part of discussion at board meetings

To the editor:

On July 30 the Gervais School Board held a special board meeting with a publicly announced board agenda. The last item was board discussion of board policies on sexual and social problems education.

The board and senior school building administrators only spent the evening discussing what the board’s policies should be, what fiscal resources were available and which people were available to do these policies and end up making no decision that evening.

Mr. Dan Saalfeld made a presentation about the need for recreation programs in the town of Gervais. Immediately, the board needed a large amount of fiscal resources to carry out the needed changes despite the district having numerous facilities and buildings designed especially for recreational activities.

The cry of poverty for many of the families in the city of Gervais rings hollow when one sees the crowd at The Last Chance Saloon, where beer costs $4 a glass, mixed drinks are $10 and up, lap dances cost $20 and $20 bills line the stage rail for dancers’ tips. The crowd there doesn’t go home until long after the poor working people are in bed fast asleep. The same is true at Iggy’s Bar and Grill in Brooks, the Hitching Post and the pizza parlor on Fourth Street in downtown Gervais.

Too bad that the people that were at the last two board meetings, all excited about the possibility of the district supplying some students with prophylactics and valid fact-based sexual education without this crowd’s permission, didn’t show up at the July 30 board meeting. They could have heard all the possible solutions to the problems and found out what resources are available to solve those problems.

These people could have stood up and made informed recommendations before the school board made its decisions.

Please start attending the school board meetings. I get lonely as the only citizen there and certain board directors get unwilling to listen to me.

Lenthal Kaup


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