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Woodburn Kiwanis Club recognizes terrific kids from area middle schools on a monthly basis

Emily Paniagua

SUBMITTED - Emily PaniaguaEmily Paniagua, 12, daughter of Jose and Maria Paniagua and sister to Adrian, David and Ian, is in the sixth grade.

Her favorite class is physical education and her favorite activity is to play in the gym.

Emily is not quite sure on her future goals, but she is considering a career as a veterinarian or a police officer.

Mrs. Beam nominated her and said, "Emily is a wonderful student. She works hard in class and strives to always do her best. She is kind to others and respectful of herself and others. She asks for assistance as needed and always tries to do her best. She is thoughtful, kind and works well with others."

Cindy Jazmine Montalvo Jimenez

SUBMITTED - Cindy Montalvo JimenezCindy Jazmine Montalvo Jimenez, 13, daughter of Amador Caballero Ignacio and Maria Lelia Montalvo Jimenez and sister to Ulices Alejandro, is in the seventh grade.

Her favorite activity is going to track practice; her favorite classes are math and social studies.

Her future goal is to go to college to study to be a doctor and then get a job.

She was nominated by two teachers. Ms. Kershner said, "Cindy is always very polite and helpful in class. She tries very hard to get all her work done and when she does, she turns and helps her neighbors understand their assignments. She is friendly and outgoing and fun to have in class."

Mr. Boanos said, "Cindy is very polite and respectful; she is always eager to learn and improve, participates in class actively and helps other students."

Griselda Ramirez Cisneros

SUBMITTED - Griselda Ramirez CisnerosGriselda Ramirez Cisneros, 13, daughter of Sofia Ramirez and sister to Angel, is in the eighth grade.

Her favorite classes are P.E. and art. She enjoys being with her class members, going to assemblies, and eating breakfast and lunch. Her favorite things are school and helping others. She also likes making bracelets.

Mrs. Bennett said about Griselda, "Griselda tries very hard in all areas. She begs for homework every day, she listens and follows instructions. She always looks for ways to help other students and teachers. Every morning she tries to say hi to everyone in school and give a friendly wish for the day. She is full of joy when she sees her teachers or office staff."

Johnathon Mezentsev

SUBMITTED - Johnathon MezentsevJohnathon Mezentsev, 13, son of Timothy and Lybov and brother to Kevin, Joshua, Aleisa and Anna, is in the eighth grade.

His favorite classes are social studies and math.

"I want to know life, but I do not know what job to take," he said about his future goals.

Mrs. Fegles and Mr. Lyons, who nominated him, said, "Johnathon is an enthusiastic math student. During the Pi Math Challenge, Johnathon demonstrated incredible determination and effort."


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