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Watercolors and warblers


Students at Athey Creek create ink, watercolor birds

by: SUBMITTED - Ink and watercolor by Morgan Finklea. Students at Athey Creek Middle School worked with ink and watercolor to create images of birds.

Students in Brian Hunter’s art class were asked to study a bird that they felt connected with in any particular way.Next, the students practiced watercolor techniques such as wet on wet, wet on dry, masking, varigated washes, underpainting and dry brush. Students drew several rough drafts of their birds and backgrounds before painting.

Students also were shown slides of Chinese paintings from the Tang Dynasty. The class discussed the format, negative space, point of view, calligraphy, use of repetition and the purpose or intent of the painting in relation to cultural significance.

The last part of the unit involved the use and process of Asian calligraphy. Students chose a character or characters that described something factual about their birds and painted on their works in ink.

by: SUBMITTED - Ink and watercolor by Maddie Hansen.

by: SUBMITTED - Ink and watercolor by Sarah Tinio.

by: SUBMITTED - Ink and watercolor by Peyton Wilis.