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Trillium Creek families explore the scientific inquiry process

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Students at Trillium Creek Primary School test how much water can fit on a penny during family education night. Students and families at Trillium Creek Primary School posed scientific queries and engaged in exciting experiments during the school’s first Family Education Night: Focus on Science.

Teachers prepared hands-on science experiments for parents and school-age children to perform together. Each experiment was designed to build interest and engagement in the scientific inquiry process. Key questions were posed at each station.

Families tested flying paper airplanes in the school gym, built straw towers that could hold weight, designed balancing mobiles, raced cars, created their own optical illusions and more.

Families were then invited to develop and test a hypothesis with the materials provided, record their results, draw conclusions and generate new questions to continue their exploration at home. A secondary goal of the evening was to spark student interest and develop projects for the upcoming school science fair.by: SUBMITTED - Trillium Creek teachers, families and students tested hypotheses and measured results during the school's first science night.