Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines a champion as a winner of first prize or first place in a competition; also: one who shows marked superiority.

Currently, West Linn High School is the home of champions. Within the last month the boys basketball team, the boys ski team and the boys snowboard team all won state championships. In 2013, West Linn High has one National Merit scholar finalist, one National Merit Scholarship semifinalist and eight National Merit Scholarship commended students.

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Madison Staten

When adults think about high school students, the words used to describe them typically have nothing to do with superiority, first place or champions. Instead they picture teenagers with a lack of respect for authority and for the adults who take care of them. Girls who take hours to get ready each morning, leaving bathrooms in disarray, guys who just throw on shorts that were on the floor from yesterday, and guys and girls who text at insane hours of the night, not caring that tomorrow they have to get up at 6 a.m. for school. That is the stereotypical modern-day teenager.

While these are the typical stereotypes of high school students these stereotypes do not define the students of West Linn High School. If you walk into a classroom you will see the dedication the students have toward their studies. If you walk into the gym you will see the state championship banners hanging from the ceiling showcasing the hard work that it took from both students and coaches. If you walk the halls of West Linn High School you will see students treating each other with love and respect.

The typical teenager does not exist at West Linn High School. Sure you might see texting in the hallways, but underneath the persona are kids with goals and dreams.

At West Linn High School students turn dreams into reality. This is done through setting goals and actively trying to reach them. Students work hard at their goals every day, some even writing them down where they will see them each day so they have constant reminders of what they are working toward.

If you don’t think the students of West Linn High School are great examples of champions, you are going to be waiting a long time for one to show up.

Students who work hard and actively pursue goals are common occurrences at West Linn High School, but are rarely ever acknowledged.

Even as sports teams and academia alike both celebrate astounding feats they are already thinking about what’s next, moving on and working hard to accomplish their next achievement.

The teenager stereotypically pictured in adults’ brains does not exist. There is no such thing as a typical teenager; each person has his or her own point of view and areas of interest.

What brings the students of West Linn High School together, what makes them a team, is that all students uses their unique characteristics to bring outstanding achievements to our community.

Madison Staten is a freshman at West Linn High School.

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