Stafford Primary School

If you could give your mother anything in the world, what would you choose for her?

by: KATE HOOTS - Savannah Taylor“I would give her some treats. Like chocolate. And I would make a card. It would say, ‘Dear Mom, I love you.’ Because I love her a lot.”

Savannah Taylor

First grade

by: KATE HOOTS - George Heilig“A ring. Because she’s the best mom in the world.”

George Heilig

Second grade

by: KATE HOOTS - Jordan Castner“I’d take her to the movies to see ‘Monsters Inc.,’ the new one. I’d buy her favorite treat, because I love her the most.”

Jordan Castner

Third grade

by: KATE HOOTS - Hannah Tsai“A sparkly purse, with a card in it. It would say, ‘Happy Mother’s Day. I love you.’ She likes purses and beautiful things.”

Hannah Tsai

Fourth grade

by: KATE HOOTS - Reese Freeborn“Probably a notebook with all these notes from me, saying that I love her and I’m happy to be around her.”

Reese Freeborn

Fifth grade

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