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Sunset Primary School

If you could trade places for a day with anyone, who would you choose?

by: TIDINGS PHOTO - Sunset first-grader Caitlyn Duncan“Sydney, in my class. She always takes care of me when I get hurt or something. We like to walk around together. She always takes care of people.”

— Caitlyn Duncan

First grade

by: TIDINGS PHOTO - Sunset second-grader Elise Butler“I’d switch places with my teacher, Ms. Adams. She works really hard for our school and helps the students. She doesn’t give us answers, she gives us hints. She tells us, ‘Do your best.’ She’s really smart, nice, honest and funny.”

— Elise Butler

Second grade

by: TIDINGS PHOTO - Sunset third-grader Grace Vandecouevering“That is hard — there are so many people! Probably Brenna in my class. She is kind to others. She doesn’t like to yell at people. If she gets mad, she just talks it out.”

— Grace Vandecoevering

Third grade

by: TIDINGS PHOTO - Sunset fourth-grader Doug Baker“My dog, Lucy. She just seems like she has a good life. She likes to go to Mary S. Young Park and play in the water.”

— Doug Baker

Fourth grade

by: TIDINGS PHOTO - Sunset fifth-grader Jill Brody“Alex Morgan. She’s on the U.S. Soccer team and the Portland Thorns. Soccer is my favorite sport, and when I am older I really want to have a soccer career. She’s a really big inspiration to me.”

— Jill Brody

Fifth grade