Bolton Primary School

If you could spend all day on Saturday doing anything, what would you do?

by: TIDINGS PHOTO - Kindergartner Brady Lyons“Since I want to be an animal scientist when I grow up, I'd look for snakes and lizards and animals in the woods. I catch snakes all the time.”

— Brady Lyons


by: TIDINGS PHOTO - Second-grader Noah Goodman"I would like to go to Hawaii for one day. I go there like two times a year every year. I like to play in the ocean and on the beach. I like to snorkel and see the bright blue fish."

— Noah Goodman

Second grade

by: TIDINGS PHOTO - Third-grader Derek Smith"I'd spend the day playing a bunch of sports, like every sport. I have a baseball tournament all this weekend and we have four games. I play shortstop, first base and catcher."

— Derek Smith

Third grade

by: TIDINGS PHOTO - Fourth-grader Liam Kelly"I'd be playing football all day, with my brother and some of my teammates. I just started flag football this year. I got interested in it from a video game that taught me how to play."

— Liam Kelly

Fourth grade

by: TIDINGS PHOTO - Fifth-grader Gavin Liljehorn"I'd probably be playing catch with my dad or my brothers. My favorite sports are baseball and football. Since it's baseball season, I'd play baseball, but if I could do both I'd probably go to Rosemont with my friends to play football."

— Gavin Liljehorn

Fifth grade

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