Building, grounds sustain minor damage in June 29 accident

The building and grounds of Three Rivers Charter School sustained minor damage on June 29 when a vehicle rolled about 300 feet down the hillside from West A Street and struck the school building. The school is located at 4975 Willamette Falls Drive, at the bottom of West A TIDINGS PHOTO: KATE HOOTS - The rolling car hit the curb directly in front of the school, then a tree and a mailbox before crashing into the Three Rivers Charter School.

Three Rivers Principal Katherine Holtgraves said it was “a twist of fate” that the car did not do a lot more damage.

“It veered into our rock ledge, tree and our cemented-into-the-ground mailbox — all helping slow it down,” she said.

The incident took place on Saturday morning, when traffic was light, and no children were in the school.

The car began rolling down the hill as its owner was unhooking it from a recreational vehicle. The man was uninjured, despite the fact that he held onto the car on its trip down the hill.

“The motorist was insured,” Holtgraves said, “and it is now in the hands of the insurance company.”

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