Trillium Creek Primary School

“How do you get to school in the morning? How do you wish you could travel to school?”

Chaim Libel“I ride the bus. I like to talk to my friends. I’d like to bike. When my sister’s at Trillium, she could bike with me.”

— Chaim Libel,

first grade

Jake Malvar“I ride the bus. I’d like to ride my bike — I just like riding it. I like the bus because you don’t have to wear seat belts.”

— Jake Malvar,

second grade

Kelan Butts“I drive with my mom. I don’t have to worry about riding the bus. I don’t have to wait and wait. I’d like to ride on Rollerblades.”

— Kelan Betts,

third grade

Kara Steinberg“I ride the bus. I like that I get to sit and talk with my friends. I don’t like that it’s really loud. I’d like to ride my bike to school, because it’s fun to bike. It seems like a good way to get to school and it would be efficient.”

— Kara Steinberg,

fourth grade

Lauren Melvin“I ride the bus at my dad’s and I bike or walk at my mom’s. One of my friends bikes with me, and it’s kind of fun going down that hill. If I could go to school any way, I’d like to go in an ice cream truck.”

— Lauren Melvin,

fifth grade

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