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Stafford Primary School

"Now that the school year is well underway, what do you miss most about the summer?"

Mason Blatner"I wish I lived at my Aunt Cheryl's house. She has a ginormous pool and I miss being in the Olympics."

— Mason Blatner, first grade

Henry Bennett"We don't get to go to the pool. I like to swim and dive down and get torpedoes."

— Henry Bennett, second grade

Brandon Loomis"Going on vacation. Once we went camping. We slept in a yellow tent. My sister was there, I was there, my auntie and my uncle and my mom and dad. And that's all I know."

— Brandon Loomis, third grade

Charley Carlsen"I wish we all didn't have to do the same stuff. Some people want to grow up a mathematician and some want to grow up a scientist. During the summer, we get to learn what we want. And you get to have playdates more."

— Charley Carlsen, fourth grade

Emma Loyd"I miss going on vacation for a really long time. I went to the beach and to Washington. My cousins live there and I went there for the Fourth of July."

— Emma Loyd, fifth grade