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Bolton Primary School

What are you planning to do with the week you will have off from school for Thanksgiving break?

Maggie McKenzie"Going swimming, probably. I go with my dad. I also like to play trains with my brother, Mason. He's 2, and he's a big fan of trains."

— Maggie McKenzie, first grade

Allison Henry"I'm going to Rhode Island to see my cousins. One is 5 and the other is 10. We're going to play around in their big house and go to this toy store because my uncle works there."

— Allison Henry, second grade

Jesika Conner"We never really know what we're doing. If I don't know what to do I just flop on the couch and wait for my parents to tell me. I sometimes ride my bike to my friends' house."

— Jesika Conner, third grade

Julianna Van Mourik"Make a lot of bracelets. I have two bracelets that I make, survival ones and Rainbow Loom. I make lots of them and give them to my neighbors. I'm making them for my cousins."

— Juliana Van Mourik, fourth grade

Skylar Moore"My cousins from California and Seattle are coming. There's four in California and two in Seattle. The youngest one is in high school."

— Skylar Moore, fifth grade