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California Lutheran University

Nicole Campbell of West Linn was named to the spring semester dean’s list at California Luterhan University in Thousand Oaks, California. Students qualify for the dean’s list by maintaining a 3.6 grade-point average in their academic subjects.

University of Oregon

The University of Oregon names its top students to the dean’s list in recognition of their academic achievements. To qualify, a student must be an admitted undergraduate and complete at least 15 credits for the term. Twelve of those credits must be graded, with a grade-point average of 3.75 or better. The following students from West Linn qualified for the 2014 spring dean’s list.

Emily Axelrod, junior, human physiology.

Lauren Beauchemin, senior, journalism; Kendall Brooke, senior, mathematics.

Charles Craft, sophomore, journalism; Carolyn Cruze, junior, journalism.

Madeline DeBakker, senior, journalism.

Mary Earp, sophomore, biology; Connor Eddy, senior, business administration.

Emma Gowdy, senior, biology.

JenniferMarie Hernvall, senior, accounting; Stephen Hogan, senior, religious studies; Suzanne Hutchinson, senior, mathematics.

Chrisstian Linder, senior, biochemistry.

Ashley McKinney, senior, environmental studies; Matthew Miller, sophomore, pre-business administration; Alexandra Mink, senior, English.

Matthew Owens, senior, English.

Mitchell Parks, sophomore, pre-business administration; Sean Pebler, junior, English.

John-Paul Savoy, senior, economics; Colin Smith, senior, business administration.

Matthew Tofte, senior, accounting.

Cyril Vedder, junior, cinema studies.

Maia Williams, senior, romance languages; Criag Wright, freshman, pre-journalism.