Station to meet LEED Silver standard

With only one proposal to consider, the West Linn City Council approved a contract for architecture and engineering services for the city's new police station during its June 11 meeting.

On April 24, two proposals were received and scored by two citizen Police Station Steering Committee members, a Willamette Neighborhood Association representative, two city staff members and project manager Robert Galante.

One of the proposals was missing a number of required items and had to be rejected. The other proposal was submitted by Group Mackenzie and scored well in the evaluation.

Initial costs came in higher than expected, at more than $700,000, but after negotiating with the firm, a contract for $615,544 was agreed on. The amount includes building to the LEED Silver standard but does not include the testing and monitoring needed for certification, which would be an additional $58,000.

The council expressed a strong desire to spend the extra money for LEED certification. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a rating system used to encourage sustainable building practices that was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council.

In 2007, the West Linn City Council passed a resolution that all government buildings should meet LEED standards. The two most recent fire stations are certified at the LEED Gold level and the new Trillium Creek Primary School is being built at the LEED Gold level.

'We've been talking the talk, now we need to walk it,' City Manager Chris Jordan told the council before the council meeting.

'If we are going to persuade others to build to this standard, then we need to do it,' Mayor John Kovash said.

'That $58,000 charge for LEED certification in times like these seems like a lot of money,' Councilor Mike Jones said, but he added that the city will recoup the costs in future savings.

On Jan. 12, the city completed the sale of $8.5 million in general obligation bonds, which was approved by voters last November.

The bonds will finance the acquisition, construction and completion of a new police station at Eighth Avenue and 13th Street.

The new station should service the city through 2042 and will be designed to accommodate future expansion.

The next step in the process will be to form a design committee, which will work with the project manager and Group Mackenzie.

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