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Police log


Information for the public safety column comes from public records of the West Linn Police Department.

Authorities recently filed reports on the following incidents.


9/15 11:29 a.m. Two vehicles collided at Hidden Springs Road and Willamette Drive.

9/16 3:15 p.m. An accident was reported at Holly Street and Willamette Drive.

9/17 9:11 a.m. A crossing sign was knocked over in a hit-and-run accident at Crescent and Ponderay drives.

9/18 4:39 p.m. A hit-and-run accident was reported on the 20900 block of Fawn Court.

9/20 6:03 p.m. An accident occurred at Day and Salamo roads.

9/20 7:24 p.m. An accident was reported at 10th Street at the southbound I-205 on-ramp.


9/14 1:11 p.m. A credit card was fraudulently opened using information from a resident on the 4800 block of Coho Lane.


9/14 10:51 a.m. A power hedge trimmer was stolen from a landscape trailer on the 2000 block of Willamette Falls Drive.

9/14 2:04 p.m. Wood was stolen from a woodpile on the 2000 block of Valley View Drive.

9/15 9:40 p.m. A car thought stolen from West Linn High School was found.

9/15 10:13 p.m. Someone failed to pay an unhappy cabbie on the 2200 block of Fifth Avenue.

9/16 11:26 a.m. A bicycle was wrongfully given away by a mother’s guardian on the 6400 block of Summerlinn Way.

9/18 12:34 p.m. A shoplifter was reported on the 5600 block of Hood Street.

9/19 1:13 a.m. Jewelry and medication were stolen from a residence on the 3200 block of Top View Court.

9/20 9:47 a.m. A theft of gas was reported on the 19500 block of Hidden Springs Road.

9/20 2:36 p.m. A theft of medication was reported on the 6200 block of Bridgeview Drive.

9/19 12:34 p.m. A juvenile was transported to the juvenile retention center after being caught stealing from Market of Choice.

9/19 3:24 p.m. An iPad valued at $500 belonging to Willamette Primary School was stolen from a vehicle parked out front.

9/20 12:46 p.m. Two juveniles were cited and released for third-degree theft after stealing from Market of Choice.


9/14 9:16 a.m. A man suspiciously stashing a bicycle near Hillside Drive and Skye Parkway admitted he hides his bike when he rides the bus so he doesn’t have to lock it up.

9/14 12:06 p.m. A bullet was found lodged in a dryer vent on the 2600 block of Woodsprite Court.

9/14 3:26 p.m. A subject was pushed and hit and his shirt was torn in a confrontation on the 5400 block of West A Street.

9/14 9:15 p.m. Screaming was heard coming from the 2500 block of Hughes Drive. It was a church function.

9/15 4:02 a.m. Juveniles climbed a fence to gain access to the skate park on Parker Road.

9/17 1:14 p.m. Someone was heard knocking on a back door on the 1900 block of Eighth Avenue.

9/18 11:04 a.m. Two unknown men were in a backyard on the 2400 block of Fifth Avenue. They were PGE workers installed fiber-optic lines.

9/19 11:27 a.m. Suspicious tree trimming was taking place near Rosepark Drive and Shannon Lane.

9/19 2:07 p.m. Kids at Wilderness Park were taking down a gate and entering the park.

9/19 5:54 p.m. A man on the 4900 block of Prospect Street was yelling and cussing.

9/19 8:58 p.m. Two people talking in a vehicle on the 2500 block of Debok Road were deemed suspicious.

9/20 5:38 a.m. A suspected prowler was heard trying to open a door on the 1900 block of Haverhill Way.

9/20 6:06 a.m. A suspicious character was seen taking pictures of a house under construction on the 1800 block of Joseph Fields Street.

9/20 9:26 a.m. A suspicious barefoot man was seen at Mary S. Young State Park. The shoeless guy was just going for his morning walk.

9/20 10:48 a.m. People are frequenting a vacant house on the 5000 block of Territorial Drive.

9/20 1:11 p.m. A man on the 2600 block of Gloria Drive is threatening his noisy neighbor.

9/20 3:10 p.m. A woman on the 3500 block of Summerlinn Drive is receiving threatening phone calls from Federal Crime Investigations demanding money.

9/20 3:52 p.m. High school boys were suspected of doing drugs on a trail from the school to a housing development.

9/20 7:47 p.m. Residents on the 2600 block of Gloria Drive were enjoying a bonfire too much and were being too loud.

9/20 8:50 p.m. A suspicious man and dog were found sleeping in a vehicle near Ridge Lane and Wild Rose Drive.

9/20 10:39 p.m. A suspiciously parked car at Shari’s was someone checking the restaurant’s takeout menu.


9/14 12:32 p.m. A husky on the 2100 block of Volpp Street killed a neighbor’s cat.

9/15 4:35 p.m. A resident felt threatened by a dog at Fields Bridge Park.

9/16 6:38 p.m. Cats are disappearing from the 2400 block of Woodhill Court.

9/16 7:57 p.m. An officer was flagged down at Barlow Street and Highway 43 due to a deer hit by a vehicle.

9/17 9:31 a.m. An opossum wasn’t just playing dead on the 6000 block of West A Street.

9/18 10:48 p.m. Raccoons were fighting near Riverview and Sunset Avenues.

9/20 8:29 a.m. A coyote was spotted in the area of Barrington Drive and Salamo Road.

9/20 3:30 p.m. A stray chicken guilty of digging up a neighbor’s yard was found attempting to cross the road on the 1700 block of Regency Street.