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Police Log


Information for the public safety column comes from public records of the West Linn Police Department.

Authorities recently filed reports on the following incidents.


10/27 2:06 p.m. A revolver, an Xbox 360, a Wii and medical marijuana were stolen from a home in the 5000 block of Prospect Street.

10/31 8:33 a.m. A bicycle and a leaf blower valued at $300 were taken from an open garage in the 1400 block of Burns Street.


10/26 6:34 a.m. A three-vehicle accident with injuries occurred on southbound I-205 near the old rest area. A woman was transported to the hospital with known injuries.

10/26 10:09 a.m. A vehicle ran into a brick wall in the 19600 block of Hidden Springs Road.

10/26 10:24 a.m. Two vehicles collided in the 19600 block of Hidden Springs Drive.

10/27 4:44 p.m. An accident with injuries was reported at Hidden Springs Road and Willamette Drive.

10/27 5:04 p.m. A vehicle hit a wall at Walmart, causing minor damage.

10/28 7:58 a.m. A large rock in the road near Coho Lane and Parker Road caused damage to the undercarriage of a vehicle.

10/28 6:49 p.m. A driver was cited for careless driving after hitting a parked vehicle in the 4300 block of Imperial Drive.

10/29 7:57 a.m. A driver was cited for running a stop sign at Carriage Way and Suncrest Avenue and causing an accident.

10/30 7:06 a.m. An accident occurred at Hood Street and Willamette Drive.

10/30 10:58 a.m. Two vehicles collided at White Tail and Willamette drives.

11/01 9:06 a.m. A hit-and-run accident in the 1800 block of McKillican Street caused $1,000 in damage.


10/26 8:57 a.m. Fraud was reported in the 4000 block of Imperial Drive.

10/26 11:25 a.m. A grandmother was duped out of $5,000 from a granny scam claiming her granddaughter was in a Mexican jail.

10/30 12:36 p.m. A check from a resident in the 3400 block of Ponderosa Loop was altered and cashed to a cab driver for more than $700.


10/26 3:43 p.m. An iPhone was stolen from West Linn High School.

10/26 3:50 p.m. A parking permit was stolen from an unlocked vehicle at West Linn High School.

10/27 1:37 p.m. A Schwinn bicycle was stolen from the 6400 block of Summerlinn Way.

10/29 2:30 p.m. A sandwich valued at $4.99 was stolen from Market of Choice. The suspect was cited and released on third-degree theft.

11/01 6:41 p.m. A theft of $500 in lottery money was reported from the West Linn Saloon.


10/26 6:59 a.m. A short, heavy man standing at a corner with his dog near Broadway and McKillican streets was suspicious.

10/26 8:01 p.m. Two early trick-or-treaters rang and knocked on a door in the 4000 block of Wild Rose Drive.

10/27 2:45 a.m. A man called police saying his children were hungry and he wanted the news crews and police to come to his home.

10/27 3:20 a.m. A man’s children are still hungry, their mother has left and he wants the news crews to come.

10/27 9:30 a.m. Someone in the 2400 block of Sunset Avenue could feel a “microwave gun” being used outside.

10/27 10:11 p.m. A driver was determined not drunk after hitting a curb and attempting to enter a carwash from the wrong direction in the 19300 block of Willamette Drive.

10/28 8:31 a.m. A rockslide left a lot of rocks in the road near Sunset Avenue and Willamette Falls Drive.

10/28 8:48 a.m. A tree branch fell, knocking out power lines and blowing a transformer in the 2700 block of York Street.

10/28 3:57 p.m. A large piece of metal with graffiti on it was dumped at Sunset Park.

10/29 9:32 a.m. A gunshot was heard in the 1200 block of Dollar Street.

10/30 10:14 p.m. A suspected prowler in the 2200 block of Crestview Drive was a basketball that fell off a shelf.

10/31 6:34 a.m. A next-door neighbor in the 19300 block of Robin Circle is running a dishwasher and it is too loud.


10/29 7:50 a.m. Nine dogs were running loose at Mary S. Young State Park.

11/01 9:20 a.m. A dead squirrel in the 2000 block of 19th Street appears to have been skinned.