Family thanks officer for his compassion and aid

Most times the news coming from a police department is of crime and accidents. Sometimes there are even allegations of officer misconduct. Those are the items that tend to get the limelight in the news and get people’s attention. However, unfortunately, many good deeds go unnoticed in West Linn.

Here is an example of one officer and two businesses going above and beyond their jobs.

Below are a letter of commendation from West Linn Police Chief Terry Timeus to officer Vince Moreschi and a letter that was handwritten and mailed to the chief from a Portland family. The businesses referred to in the letter are Isa’s Auto Services in West Linn and A&B Towing in Portland.

Letter from Chief Terry Timeus:


Attached is a letter I received from Irena Jordan, a stranded citizen that you assisted. As I read what you did to help this family it deeply touched me. You set the standard that all police officers should WEST LINN POLICE - VINCE MORESCHI

I am sure that you have heard the phrase “pay it forward,” not only did your compassion help a struggling family but your actions prompted two local businesses to come to their aid as well. In these tough economic times to get businesses to donate their services and/or products is commendable and an excellent example of the types of citizens that live and work in our great city.

This family had no money and many worries. I think this quote says it all, “I felt horrible that I wouldn’t be able to give my 6-year-old granddaughter a Christmas. But, your fine officer Vinnie Moreschi gave us one.”

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation for your actions, this clearly demonstrates what we do can positively impact those that we come in contact with.

Well done, Vinnie. I consider it an honor to have you as a member of the West Linn Police Department.

Terry Timeus, chief of police

Letter to Chief Terry Timeus:

Chief of West Linn Police

Re: Vince Moreschi

Dear Sir,

I moved to Portland, Oregon, in March of last year (2011) only because my mother was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s, a fatal disease.

We have had our struggles, but for all of our sake, I sent to Arizona for my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter in May. Two weeks later I lost my job.

I felt horrible that I wouldn’t be able to give my 6-year-old granddaughter a Christmas. But, your fine officer Vinnie Moreschi gave us one.

We had to pawn our jewelry and the pawnshop gave us a free Christmas tree, but we had to go to Milwaukie to get it. We got lost three times on the way there, 20 minutes later, we had a flat. Just bought car before I lost my job, so no jack. Stranded in Milwaukie in the rain for an hour ... did I mention this is our first time getting the whole family out? My 65-year-old mother was in the car. Finally, we get to the freeway and make it to West Linn (Oh, we didn’t know we went the wrong way!). When we get another flat!

I climb down the hill off the freeway ... and along came Vinnie! Thank God!

We came to get free trees. We had no money. Officer Moreschi purchased a tire for us and tried to force them to take the money, but that West Linn compassion was there too!

He then went to the station, after returning me to the family and car. Did I mention it was raining cats and dogs? And he then brought back a jack!

Once the tire was on and repaired, he didn’t leave, while helping us get onto the freeway ... FLAT NUMBER THREE.

He then escorts us off the freeway. Gets us safely to Albertsons.

Still doesn’t leave us. He found a company in Portland to donate a tow for the family, car and free Christmas trees. All the way back to Portland!

Please make sure that he knows that compassion like that doesn’t come from just dedication to his job! That comes straight from the heart and soul!

Merry Christmas to you all!

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