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Winter is perfect time to curl up with a good book

Portland winters can seem unbearably long and damp, which makes this a perfect time to sit back with a good book. Summer will be here before you know it, along with vacations, outdoor concerts, camping, swimming, picnics and barbecues. So here are some staff-recommended books to keep you occupied until then!

“Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void” by Mary Roach

In this fascinating book, Roach writes about how difficult it is to get humans to space and keep them alive during the journey. As she states in the opening paragraph, “To the rocket scientist, you are a problem. You are the most irritating piece of machinery he or she will ever have to deal with.”

With witty humor and many fascinating footnotes, Roach takes the reader on a guided tour of life in zero gravity.

“Heartbroke Bay” by Lynn D’Urso

In the late 1890s, gold was discovered in Alaska and the Yukon. Thousands of men rushed into the wilderness to find their fortunes. In this novel, which is based on a true story, Hans Nelson, his wife, Hannah, and their three mining partners are among those headed to the Klondike. However, their lack of provisions forces them to head to remote Lituya Bay instead. Their search for riches quickly turns into a struggle for survival in the harsh Alaskan wilderness.

by: SUBMITTED - 'The Bartender's Tale' by Ivan Doig

“The Bartender’s Tale” by Ivan Doig

Single father Tom Harry lives alone with his 12-yer-old son and runs The Medicine Lodge, chief watering hole and last refuge of the town of Gros Ventre, Mont. Tom finds his world upended by the arrival of a woman from his past and her beatnik daughter, who claims Tom as her father.

by: SUBMITTED - 'Grave Mercy' by Robin LaFevers

“Grave Mercy” by Robin LaFevers

Having grown up with a brutal father and now finding herself in a horrible arranged marriage, 17-year-old Ismae escapes her wretched life and ends up at the convent of St. Mortain, where the sisters serve the god of death. Ismae is assigned to pose as the mistress of nobleman Gavriel Duval so that she can spy on him and the Brittany court, but she might end up falling in love instead. This is the first book in the His Fair Assassin trilogy.

by: SUBMITTED - 'The Curfew' by Jesse Ball

“The Curfew” by Jesse Ball

When the uprising began, William’s wife was taken, leaving him alone with their young daughter. They keep their heads down and try to remain unnoticed as police patrol the streets, enforcing a curfew and arresting citizens. But when an old friend seeks William out, claiming to know what happened to his wife, William must risk everything.

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