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Stay away from sea lion camped at Mary S. Young beach


Animal is nursing minor injury and expected to move back into water soon

by: WEST LION POLICE DEPARTMENT - A 'territorial bull' sea lion perches atop a rock on a beach abutting Mary S. Young State Park.Visitors at West Linn’s Mary S. Young Park are advised to stay away from a male sea lion that has been parked atop rocks on the beach for several days.

Though police and wildlife authorities originally believed the animal to be severely ill, it was discovered on Tuesday that it had just a minor wound and was simply using the rocks to mark its territory, according to Portland State University Professor of Biology Debbie Duffield.

Duffield refers to this sea lion as a “large territorial bull,” and has tracked him in the past. She told West Linn Police that the wound appears to be healing well and the sea lion will likely move back into the water when he deems the time right.

It is common for both seals and sea lions to rest on Oregon beaches.

They are capable of transmitting diseases, and signs have been posted urging park visitors to stay least 50 feet away.

Police have also advised against pouring water on the seal, allowing dogs to approach or disturbing the animal in any other way.

It is against federal law to touch, feed or disturb marine animals.

“As cute and cuddly as it looks, it’s still a wild animal,” West Linn Police Officer Mike Francis said. “And it can be dangerous.”