Boards comprised of resident volunteers

The West Linn City Council set the tone and direction for this year’s advisory boards and their members.

These work plans help guide the volunteer committees and help the council achieve its goals for 2013. Each board is comprised of volunteers from the community who then give feedback and recommendations to the city council.

The council adopted the work plans during its March 11 meeting.

Citizens budget committee

1. Review and approve a biennial budget that focuses attention on the long-term financial sustainability of the city.

Economic development committee

1 Provide advice to the council regarding the city’s efforts to develop a plan for the arch bridge area.

2. Solicit public input on proposed efforts to streamline regularity processes and review the city’s free structure in support of the council’s effort to reduce or remove barriers to positive economic efforts.

Historic review board

1. Complete the community development code revisions for the historic district.

2. Review quasi-judicial design review, as necessary.

3. Develop and sell signage for district residences.

Library advisory board

1. If requested by the city manager, assist with the recruitment of a new library director.

2. Assist the new director to help accomplish a smooth transition.

3. Assist in defining the appropriate roles of the board, Friends and the foundation.

Parks and recreation advisory board

1.Work with staff and the transportation advisory board to ensure adoption of the master trails plan.

2. Following adoption, collaborate with the transportation advisory board to develop a prioritized list of trails, pathways and sidewalks for future development.

3. Work with the aquatic center task force to develop a recommended aquatic proposal for council consideration.

Planning commission

1. Review and recommend CDC changes that will streamline processes that will encourage positive economic efforts and reduce staff expenses associated with the land use application review process.

2. Move forward on the planned unit development amendments.

3. Provide the council with amendments to CDC Chapter 32 that will differentiate between temporary and permanent disturbance and will encourage positive community economic efforts.

4. Review planning commission processes to reduce meeting time in an effort to create a more citizen-friendly and less resource-intensive process.

Public safety advisory board

1. Assist and advocate for the completion of the new police station.

Sustainability advisory board

1. Initiate review of the city’s energy usage as a means to help achieve urban sustainability.

2. Given limited resources, update the Sustainable West Linn Plan.

Transportation advisory board

1. Review and make recommendations regarding the master trails plan.

2. Assist in adoption of master trails plan.

3. Following adoption of the trails plan, work with parks and recreation advisory board to develop a prioritized list of trails, pathways and sidewalks for future development.

4. Act as the citizen advisory committee on amending the transportation systems plan to comply with the regional transportation plan.

Utility advisory board

1. Given the change in circumstances for the city’s water fund, review the water fund projections and report to the council in 2014 on any necessary rate increases over and above the 5 percent.

During the meeting, the city council also made appointments to fill vacancies on several advisory boards.

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