Cities enter temporary agreement until vacancy is filled

The city of West Linn will be loaning its information technology services to Milwaukie.

During its March 11 meeting, the West Linn City Council entered into an intergovernmental with Milwaukie to share its IT resources on a temporary basis.

The Milwaukie IT department currently has a staff vacancy in network administration and has several incomplete projects. On top of that, the vacancy left a number of “mission critical” funded projects that are pending implementation prior to the end of the fiscal year that need to be completed. West Linn will be stepping in until Milwaukie can recruit a new network administrator.

The IT employee will work 20 hours a week for Milwaukie for the next four months and the West Linn’s chief information officer will contribute two hours a week for management.

Under the agreement, West Linn will receive a reimbursement payment of $4,800 a month, the equivalent of a part-time IT employee salary and benefits. It will also receive another $1,800 a month for the management of the employee.

According to the agreement, “The scope, size and impact of project delivery services will be organized, communicated and managed by the virtual chief information officer of West Linn and the information technology director.”

The IGA also states that West Linn projects will take precedence over Milwaukie projects and that the agreement could be extended at the end of the four months.

“The benefits of this IGA ... are many,” said Shane Boyle, chief information officer.

According to city staff, the advantages of this agreement include using staff to its capacity by assisting other agencies, the employee benefits from receiving exposure to other configurations and technology management practices and the city will broaden its staff’s knowledge. On top of that, the city will recoup about $28,350 in this agreement.

However, if this arrangement goes on past eight months, the city’s IT capabilities will start to diminish, especially with pending budget reductions.

“I support this. I think it’s great we are looking out to help other cities out there,” Councilor Thomas Frank said.

The council unanimously approved the agreement.

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