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Police Log


Information for the public safety column comes from public records of the West Linn Police Department.

Authorities recently filed reports on the following incidents:


6/7 12:50 p.m. A purse was stolen from a shopping cart at Safeway.

6/8 10:36 p.m. Garage sale proceeds of $500 were pilfered from a vehicle in the 6700 block of Marquette Court.

6/10 9:03 a.m. A wallet was either lost or stolen at Baskin Robbins in the 19100 block of Willamette Drive.

6/10 9:44 a.m. Camping equipment, a generator, a battery and fishing poles were stolen from the 1500 block of Eighth Avenue.

6/10 2:10 p.m. Three kids were caught stealing a flag from a backyard yard ornament in the 6200 block of Holmes Street. The guilty culprits gave it back.

6/10 7:39 p.m. A subject left the gas station in the 2100 block of Eighth Court without paying for $10 worth of gas.

6/11 10:27 a.m. A kayak and garden tools were taken from a garden shed in the 1500 block of Edgewater Court.

6/11 12:37 p.m. A shoplifter was apprehended at Market of Choice. He was cited and released.

6/11 12:46 p.m. An iPhone valued at $350 was stolen from West Linn High School.

6/12 1:54 p.m. A rent check was stolen from the outgoing mail in the 2600 block of Warwick Street.


6/7 12:26 p.m. Fraudulent credit card use was reported in the 4100 block of Rosepark Drive.

6/10 4:26 p.m. Fraud was reported in the 19300 block of Willamette Drive.


6/6 8:24 a.m. A hit-and-run accident was reported in the 22900 block of Willamette Drive.

6/6 12:48 p.m. A hit-and-run accident was reported near 13th Street and Willamette Falls Drive.

6/6 5:54 p.m. A hit-and-run accident was reported in the 22900 block of Willamette Drive.

6/8 6:16 p.m. An accident occurred at Broadway Street and Willamette Falls Drive.

6/10 1:33 p.m. An accident was reported at 10th Street and northbound I-205.

6/11 9:12 a.m. A three-vehicle accident was reported on northbound I-205 at 10th Street.

6/12 3:49 p.m. An accident was reported at Hood Street and Willamette Drive.

6/12 11:16 p.m. A vehicle slipped out of gear, rolled down a hill and hit two other vehicles in the 2700 block of Lancaster Street.

6/13 8:13 a.m. An accident was reported at 11th Street and Willamette Falls Drive.

6/13 8:54 a.m. A vehicle rammed into a fence in the 4100 block of Norfolk Street.


6/6 9:30 p.m. A suspicious group of adults with flashlights walking through a vacant lot were just looking for their dog. They found it.

6/7 12:23 a.m. A son was out of control, yelling and possibly on drugs.

6/7 8:23 a.m. Construction workers with a loud radio were annoying near Parker Road and Summer Run Drive.

6/7 4:03 p.m. An altercation between two drivers occurred on southbound I-205 at 10th Street when one vehicle clipped another.

6/7 4:47 p.m. Juveniles are suspected of hanging out late at night at Sahallie Illahee Park.

6/7 7:34 p.m. Noisy skateboarders were goofing off for four hours near Marylhurst Drive and Marylwood Court, making others not want to go outside.

6/8 2:44 a.m. Merrymakers in the 5600 block of Summit Street were too loud, too late.

6/8 8:56 a.m. An unknown person keeps calling someone in the 6400 block of Sorrel Way.

6/8 12:39 p.m. A vehicle had its window broken out at Willamette Park.

6/8 1:33 p.m. A butterfingers dropped a cellphone in a storm drain in the 4100 block of Rosepark Drive.

6/8 6:24 p.m. A caller was concerned about a parked vehicle at Safeway that was still running and had children inside.

6/8 9:19 p.m. Teens were playing hide-and-seek in the 22600 block of Crown Court. They were hiding so well police couldn’t find them.

6/9 6:45 p.m. An inconsiderate man smoking near children at Willamette Park refused to move.

6/9 11:13 p.m. Reported gunshots in the 20000 block of Marigold Court were just kids shooting off fireworks.

6/10 10:03 a.m. A gunshot was heard in the 2100 block of Webb Street.

6/10 10:50 a.m. A protective mother in the 2700 block of Cambridge Street wants to know how to keep an ex-girlfriend away from her son.

6/10 10:18 p.m. A group of kids playing Frisbee in the field at Rosemont Ridge Middle School was worrisome to a caller.

6/11 1 p.m. Police checked on a vehicle pulled off to the side of the road near Barrington Drive and Salamo Road. The driver was simply eating his lunch.

6/12 4:49 p.m. A naked man was seen on a log masturbating in the 5400 block of West A Street.

6/12 5:36 p.m. A woman in the 3200 block of Wild Rose Loop grew angry when a neighbor accidentally sprayed her vehicle while watering his lawn.

6/13 4:58 p.m. A mother is harassing her son in the 2100 block of 19th Street.

6/13 10:10 p.m. Vehicles were whipping doughnuts in the parking lot at Wilderness Park.


6/6 12:35 p.m. A dead beaver was spotted near Edgewater Court near the water. Police opted to let nature take its course.

6/7 4:26 p.m. The beaver is still near the water on Edgewater Court. Nature is still taking its course.

6/7 8:25 p.m. An unknown dog was trying to enter a home in the 2000 block of Tompkins Street.

6/8 8:26 p.m. A pit bull near Mohawk Way and White Cloud Circle was limping.

6/12 4:47 p.m. A pet owner allows a dog to play with neighborhood children off-leash in the 2300 block of Charman Street.

6/13 9:35 a.m. A neighbor in the 20300 block of Noble Lane is making threatening phone calls to another neighbor because she continues to take in stray cats.

6/13 1:35 p.m. A resident in the 2100 block of Long Street worried what kind of animal killed the mangled skunk he found in his backyard.