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Historic code amendments approved by West Linn City Council


Historic designation removed from four properties

In a public hearing on July 15, the West Linn City Council voted unanimously to pass a series of proposed historic code amendments.

City Planner John Sonnen presented the amendments on Monday, and the council was universally in favor of the proposals, which ranged from streamlining application processes to refining the standards of care for historic structures and removing historic landmark designations from four properties.

Each of those four properties has undergone a substantial change that renders the historic landmark designation incorrect. A house at 1352 Willamette Falls Drive was heavily remodeled and no longer showcases the features that made it a historic landmark. The once-historic property at 4918 Summit St. burned down in the 1990s and was consequently redeveloped in 2000. A barn at 1739 Dollar St. moved to 1296 12th St. Finally, a house at 1850 Buck St. moved to 6533 Lowry Drive and the owners no longer wished to keep the historic designation.

As part of this zoning map amendment, the boundaries will also be altered to remove a property at 1293 14th St. after the owners presented evidence that it was not part of the historic district.

The Willamette Historic District was created in the 1980s, and in 1990 the city designated 29 historic landmarks in the area. The historic properties fall under chapters 25 and 26 of the West Linn Community Development Code; the amendments will also consolidate those two chapters into just one, a revised chapter 25.

The historic code amendment project began two years ago and has already been recommended for approval by the historic review board and the planning commission.

City Planner Sara Jovoronok briefed the council on the amendments during a July 8 work session in advance of the public hearing. When asked by Council President Mike Jones, Jovoronok said the amendments saw no opposition from the planning commission.

To learn more about the historic code amendments project, visit http://westlinnoregon.gov/planning/historic-code-amendments.