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West Linn students wrongly blamed for Lakeridge mystery

by: ROLLIN DICKINSON - A painted cow stands as a reminder of a Lakeridge students artistic skills.While your news feed was likely full of comments about the federal government shutdown Monday night through Tuesday morning, West Linn and Lake Oswego apparently began a new rivalry that also spread contention across social media.

A local bovine appeared to have taken a trip Monday night, inspiring a flurry of Twitter activity between Lakeridge and West Linn high schools as to her whereabouts.

Orian Raviv tweeted, “My twitter is full of the government shutting down and how West Linn stole our cow... #pleasetellmemore.”

The fiberglass cow — painted in vibrant colors and sporting a rendering of an ice cream cone on her muzzle — normally stands guard by the Lakeridge auditorium.

When she seemingly disappeared, rumors abounded, some saying West Linn High students had absconded with her. Not so.

Annie Roethe tweeted, “Kinda flattered that Lakeridge thought west linn stole their cow hahahahah #rebels #didntstealittho #loveyourheartbutno.”

Lakeridge art teacher Shannon McBride said she borrowed the cow at 8 p.m. Monday and returned her on Tuesday morning.

“The cow was never at West Linn High School,” said McBride, who is also a West Linn resident. “Borrowing the cow had nothing to do with West Linn High School.”

She did not specify why she borrowed the cow. However, other Twitter users alleged to a Young Life challenge for the reason behind the cow mystery.

“Um give us our cow back please,” Lakeridge student Camille Feinstein tweeted.

WLHS student Annie Roethe also weighed in on Twitter: “Kinda flattered that Lakeridge thought west linn stole their cow hahahahah.”

There were also puns, and threats of payback.

Quinn Milionis tweeted, “Pretty harsh MOOve west linn.”

Ann Monroe Tweeted, “You can cownt on us West Linn too get even. #atleastitried.”

However, Lakeridge Assistant Principal Rollin Dickinson said the cow was just having an adventure.

“In cow years, she’s a teenager,” Dickinson said. “The rebellious years begin ... “

The decorated ruminant stands as a reminder of a 2010 success. That year former Lakeridge student Anne Feeny was a finalist in Lucerne’s The Art of Dairy contest. Thousands of students across the country vie for a coveted spot on a list of finalists and a shot at the grand prize.

Students first submit a rendering of how they imagine their creation will be, and the top entrants are afforded the chance to paint a life-size, white cow. Lake Oswego High School student Amy Chen won the contest in 2012. Chen is a senior and a columnist for the Review this year.

Feeny, who could not be reached for comment, has pursued art, but she isn’t a painter. She is a student at DigiPen Institute of Technology, and she is studying digital art and animation.

“With my animations, I hope to work with other individuals who share the same passion and create meaningful pieces of art with them,” Feeny’s website states.

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