Don't let a costume or craft fiasco befall you

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - When I was in first or second grade I told my mom that I wanted to be a ghost for Halloween. I envisioned the traditional ghost costume with the sheet draped over my head with holes cut out for my eyes.

My mother nixed that idea. What if the sheet slipped and I couldn’t see? I would run into objects or people, or trip over the sheet and fall flat on my face.

So she put her sewing skills to work and whipped up a safer ghost costume for me. It consisted of two parts: a gown-like garment that sort of resembled a white choir robe and a head piece that had white fabric covering my hair and head, leaving my face clear.

At school all the classes paraded around to show off their costumes to the other students. When my class started parading through Mr. Olsen’s fourth-grade classroom there were two girls naming off each costume that went by. One of them called me a nun and one of them called me a shepherd. I was horrified as I realized that they were right. I didn’t look like a ghost at all! I looked like a nun or a shepherd. How humiliating. My mom and I can laugh about it now, but I was pretty mad at her that Halloween.

Don’t let a costume or craft fiasco befall you this Halloween. Whether you’re decorating the house, throwing a party or looking for costume ideas, the library has numerous Halloween books to help you get ready for the spooky holiday.

“Creative Costumes and Halloween Décor” by the editors of CPi

This book is great if you have some sewing skills but don’t know how to translate those skills into costume-making. Learn how to make a witch hat, a crown, a skirt, a cape and much more. The book is designed so you learn how to make different kinds of pieces that can translate into all sorts of different costumes, so you can use your skirt-making skills next year too.


“Halloween: 101 Frightfully Fun Ideas” by the editors of Better Homes and Gardens

Learn how to decorate a pumpkin with colored leaves or metallic decorations. Create a ghoulish goodie jar with pipe cleaners and paint. Make edible witch hats from cookies, ice cream cones and candy. Make a ladybug costume from crafting foam and a red stocking cap. This book has lots of great ideas for celebrating Halloween in style.

“The Halloween Handbook” by Birdie Clark and Ashley Dodd

This is my favorite book because it has a lot of creative, easy, low-cost costumes. Put on a pig nose, wrap yourself in a blanket and you’re “Pig in a Blanket.” Tape a bunch of unsharpened pencils to your shirt and you’re “Pointless.” Bundle together a trio of scissors, tape them to your wrist, and you’re Edward Scissorhands. Splatter paint on a light-colored shirt and pants that you don’t care about anymore, carry around a picture frame and you’re a Jackson Pollock painting.


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