Information for the public safety column comes from public records of the West Linn Police Department.

Authorities recently filed reports on the following incidents:


4/19 7:37 a.m. Gold coins were taken from a resident’s safe.

4/19 9:17 a.m. A stolen white Toyota Camry was recovered at the 1200 block of Willamette Falls Drive.

4/19 12:35 p.m. A woman’s Social Security number was used to file someone else’s taxes.

4/22 Shoplifters were apprehended at Market of Choice on the 5600 block of Hood Street.

4/23 9:22 a.m. Two railing planters and plants were taken from a residence at the 20100 block of Marigold Court.

4/24 7:00 a.m. A child’s toy fire truck, valued at $350, was stolen from a home on the 1200 block of 12th Street.


4/18 9:27 a.m. A resident received a phone call claiming their Social Security number was used to file someone else’s taxes.

4/18 11:00 p.m. An unknown subject hacked into a resident’s email and Facebook accounts.

4/21 11:57 a.m. A woman said her son’s Social Security number was used to file someone else’s taxes.

4/21 3:25 p.m. A woman’s social security number was used to file someone else’s taxes.

4/24 1:18 p.m. A man’s social security number was used to file someone else’s taxes.

4/25 5:23 p.m. A woman’s Social Security number was used to file someone else’s taxes.


4/21 4:40 p.m. A hit-and-run accident took place in a parking lot at the 22400 block of Skyview Drive.

4/22 8:54 a.m. A road rage accident occurred on northbound Interstate 205 near 10th Street.

4/24 6:34 a.m. A three-vehicle accident took place near Southbound Interstate 205 and Highway 43.

4/25 8:30 a.m. A hit-and-run accident took place at Arbor Drive and Willamette Drive.

4/25 10:12 p.m. Two vehicles collided at near Highway 43 and Northbound Interstate 205.


4/18 3:24 p.m. A resident said juveniles were exchanging alcohol and possibly drugs between parked vehicles at Walmart on the 19100 block of Willamette Drive. Police found no illegal activity.

4/18 3:39 p.m. Extra patrols were requested at Sunset Grade School after graffiti was discovered on the grounds.

4/18 6:24 p.m. A disabled white pickup truck was blocking traffic at Hidden Springs Road and Willamette Drive.

4/18 8:07 p.m. A man at Eighth Street and Willamette Falls Drive was drinking a beer while walking down the street and fell into neighbor’s bushes.

4/19 1:18 p.m. A stop sign was knocked down at Noble Lane and Parker Road.

4/19 2:29 p.m. A customer suspected that the employee at a liquor store was intoxicated. Officers found she was sober.

4/19 5:55 p.m. A man approached a resident at the 2600 block of Pimlico Drive and asked if he could park his car in her driveway for “a few weeks.”

4/19 10:04 p.m. Neighbors at the 6500 block of Lowry Drive were having a loud party and asked to quiet down.

4/19 10:51 p.m. Five juveniles were seen climbing on the roof at Trillium Creek Primary School and “smoking something.” They were asked to leave.

4/20 1:08 a.m. Five people were sitting around a fire pit and being loud.

4/20 2:32 a.m. A rock was thrown through a window at the 18300 block of Shady Hollow Way.

4/20 2:55 a.m. An officer came across four teens who were out past curfew. They were transported or otherwise returned to their homes.

4/20 12:06 p.m. A suspicious person was walking back and forth for an hour and a half at the 2100 block of Tompkins Street.

4/20 5:37 p.m. A suspected drunken driver in a green Volvo was seen dropping his head and swerving out of a lane.

4/20 7:43 p.m. A woman was seen carrying her shoes while walking down Highway 43. She looked to be drunk or on drugs.

4/20 8:55 p.m. Fireworks and possible gunshots were heard at the 1300 block of Leigh Court. The caller admitted the sounds also could have been a branch cracking.

4/20 10:17 p.m. A woman’s ex-husband was knocking on her door and shining a light in the house.

4/21 8:35 a.m. Police pursued a black and silver Yamaha motorcycle on Willamette Falls Drive. The motorcycle was found dumped in the bushes after the driver took off on foot.

4/21 11:45 a.m. A man said eggs were thrown at the side and back of the Kingdom Hall building on the 2200 block of 19th Street.

4/21 3:29 p.m. A man was seen walking near Jolie Pointe Road and Munger Drive for at least an hour.

4/21 3:45 p.m. A homeless man with a bicycle was sitting and smoking at the corner near Rosemont Ridge Middle School.

4/21 4:31 p.m. A man near the 2300 block of Jolie Point Road was seen “hanging around” at bus stops on nice days. A resident suspected he was involved with drugs.

4/21 4:36 p.m. Two suspicious, heavily tattooed persons were walking aggressively across the street from Bugattis on the 18700 block of Willamette Drive.

4/21 5:51 p.m. Post office employees believed that people were having sex in the back of a Toyota parked outside.

4/21 6:36 p.m. Two men and a woman with a nine-year old child were seen stumbling around near the 5600 block of Hood Street. The adults had marks on their bodies and looked to be on drugs.

4/21 7:46 p.m. A man claiming to be a federal agent came to a woman’s door and asked her to keep an eye on a neighbor down the street. The woman was not sure if he was actually a federal agent.

4/21 10:36 p.m. A person was seen on the roof of a building at the 22100 block of Horizon Drive.

4/22 6:55 a.m. A naked man was seen at Maddax Woods. He was first seen wearing an orange hoodie, tan pants and a backpack, but then took all his clothes off.

4/22 A woman found aerosol cans near Market of Choice and the bus stop on Highway 43. She was afraid that kids were huffing from them.

4/22 12:33 p.m. A man was receiving phone calls from an unknown person on the East Coast claiming to be his grandson.

4/22 1:46 p.m. A woman was upset that her neighbor kept parking in front of her house.

4/22 2:14 p.m. Two men were smoking outside a State Farm building, then started walking down West A Street, where they were seen “calling out” to a high school aged girl.

4/22 2:47 p.m. An unknown subject who was “possibly” wearing a button-down shirt was at a woman’s door. She closed her blinds and was not sure if the man was still outside.

4/22 7:02 p.m. A man’s ex-girlfriend was refusing to return his passport and Social Security card until he met her demands.

4/22 7:38 p.m. A man was going door-to-door selling magazines and asking for donations.

4/23 8:03 a.m. A woman said her son’s father was in her driveway, and that he was unwelcome and seemed incoherent.

4/23 11:25 a.m. A woman returned home and found her front door was standing wide open. Officers checked and all was well.

4/23 12:16 p.m. A scruffy-looking man was seen urinating in a dumpster outside a complex on the 5200 block of Amy Street.

4/23 3:52 p.m. Four people were loitering for “a few hours” at a store on the 21100 block of Salamo Road. Officers determined the group was from a sales company and had a permit.

4/23 7:45 p.m. A drunken woman exited her sister’s car and ran across Southbound Interstate 205.

4/24 2:24 a.m. Boulders were seen in the roadway at 10th Street and Willamette Falls Drive.

4/24 10:39 a.m. A man was seen carrying a large purse into Mary S. Young Park.

4/24 2:40 p.m. A two-year old child was locked in a bathroom at the 6500 block of Palomino Way.

4/24 3:24 p.m. A suspicious-looking vehicle was driving around near the 20200 block of Old River Drive. The subjects inside appeared to be busy on computers; they were from the Sprint cellular network.

4/24 6:44 p.m. A woman said she smelled natural gas on the Highway 43 entrance to Northbound Interstate 205.

4/24 9:18 p.m. A man approached a vehicle at 10th Street and Salamo Road, poured a liquid substance through the window, then took his shirt off “like he wanted to fight.” Officers determined it was a prank.

4/25 10:27 a.m. An ex-boyfriend was refusing to give a woman her keys.

4/25 10:45 a.m. A man sold his hot tub and told the buyer that the electrical panel did not come as part of the purchase. He later noticed the panel was missing and suspected theft.

4/25 10:49 a.m. A woman’s daughter was being harassed by her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend about child custody issues.

4/25 6:37 p.m. A group of juveniles with airsoft guns was seen at Sahallie Illahee Park.

4/25 8:32 p.m. A person was seen sleeping in a dumpster near the 19100 block of Willamette Drive. Officers did not find a person but noticed empty beer bottles and a cell phone charger in the dumpster.

4/25 10:45 p.m. A person was seen sleeping on a bench at Sunset Park. He said he was waiting for a friend.

Animal Antics

4/23 1:59 p.m. A coyote was seen running with a cat in its mouth in the woods near Roxbury Road and Wild Rose Drive.

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