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Police Log

Information for the public safety column comes from public records of the West Linn Police Department.

Authorities recently filed reports on the following incidents:


1/30 9:51 a.m. A caller said trees had been chopped down by “gangster felons” near Buck Street and Holmes Street. Officers found no crime.

1/30 7:45 p.m. An assault was reported near the 19100 block of Willamette Drive.

1/31 7:54 a.m. A caller was suspicious after discovering broken bottles and tables upright near the 4600 block of Bittner Street.

1/31 2:44 p.m. A caller said a nearby restaurant was dumping fry vats in the alley and creating a “greasy swamp” in his backyard.

1/31 5:47 p.m. A caller said his 18-year old daughter was refusing to stay at home.

1/31 7:02 p.m. A resident said her son’s father was refusing to allow her to pick him up.

2/1 2:31 a.m. Suspicious looking subjects were walking by Bolton Primary School with flashlights.

2/1 1:23 p.m. A vehicle was egged near the 4300 block of Imperial Drive.

2/1 5:28 p.m. A man said his mom told him he “couldn’t be there.” The man was very drunk and officers told him to go to bed and sleep it off.

2/1 5:52 p.m. Two juveniles were slamming carts into each other near the 22000 block of Salamo Road.

2/2 4:39 p.m. A caller said someone was masturbating in front of a window. He was warned to stay out of public view.

2/3 7:00 a.m. A suspicious looking vehicle was reported near the 2100 block of 8th Court.

2/3 9:11 a.m. A suspicious looking person was going through a recycle bin near the 3000 block of Winkel Way.

2/3 10:56 p.m. A home was egged near the 1900 block of Eagle Crest Drive.

2/4 8:32 a.m. A suspicious looking person was sleeping in a sleeping bag near the 2000 block of 8th Avenue.

2/4 1:51 p.m. A suspected burglary turned out to be a practical joke played by a resident’s brother.

2/4 4:47 p.m. A caller said her brother was drunk at her house and she wanted him removed.

2/4 7:33 p.m. A suspicious looking vehicle drove back and forth three times near the 6100 block of Caufield Street. The driver was searching for a job site.

2/4 10:28 p.m. A caller said his ex-girlfriend called and threatened to “mess up his life.”

2/5 12:13 a.m. A suspicious looking vehicle was parked facing the wrong direction near Blankenship Road and Tannler Drive.

2/5 1:04 p.m. A caller said she was receiving threatening letters from an unknown subject.

2/5 1:56 p.m. A caller wished to speak with an officer about ongoing family issues.

2/5 2:26 p.m. A caller said he heard his garage door open and something banging on the kitchen counter. It was his mother-in-law.

2/5 2:37 p.m. A caller said he received a harassing letter.

2/5 4:59 p.m. A man said two teens came into a restaurant and threw a glass bong at him.

2/5 5:49 p.m. Yelling and pounding on a door could be heard at Tanner Creek Park. It was teens causing problems, but they left.

2/5 10:15 p.m. A caller said someone was about to come into her house.


1/30 2:03 p.m. A single-vehicle accident was reported near the 22000 block of Salamo Road.

2/1 7:48 p.m. A vehicle hit a parked car near the 1700 block of McKillican Street.

2/2 6:00 a.m. A single-vehicle accident was reported near Borland Road and Bosky Dell Lane.

2/2 9:16 a.m. Two vehicles collided near Interstate 205 and 10th Street.

2/3 5:02 p.m. A hit-and-run accident occurred near the 700 block of Marylhurst Drive.

2/4 7:12 a.m. An accident was reported near Skyline Drive and Summit Drive.

2/5 7:01 p.m. An accident was reported near Hidden Springs Road and Willamette Drive.


2/2 8:55 p.m. A theft was reported at Market of Choice.