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Gotta catch 'em all!

WL police emphasize safety in leading kids on Pokemon hunt

TIDINGS PHOTOS: PATRICK MALEE - West Linn Police Sergeant Mike Francis and Benjamin Lewis, 4, scan the area for Pokemon. “Weedles are everywhere! They’re like an invasive species!”

So said West Linn Police Sergeant Mike Francis Friday, Aug. 12, as he and Officer Jeff Halverson led a group of kids on a “Pokemon Go With The Cops” expedition through the Willamette neighborhood.

Francis may have lamented about the bevy of Weedles, but kids caught a number of other Pokemon while also learning about how to be safe while playing the mobile phone game.

Officer Jeff Halverson looks for guidance as he attempts to catch a Pokemon.

A number of West Linn officers have started playing the game with their children, and at times Pokemon even show up on their desks at the police station.