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No really, it's The Duck Dance

TIDINGS PHOTO: LESLIE PUGMIRE HOLE - Madeline Baumann, member of the Alpine Echoes Band, entices Oktoberfest attendees to the dance floor during West Linn's celebration Sept. 9. Sad, but true — the Chicken Dance, that perennial Oktoberfest favorite bit of silliness — isn’t really an Alpine Oktoberfest tradition at all and it hasn’t been around for that long.

It’s not even the right bird (originally being named “The Duck Dance” by its composer, a Swiss accordian player).

But that didn’t stop West Linnians from hitting the dance floor Sept. 9 at West Linn’s own celebration of the upcoming fall season and enjoying their brats and beer.

TIDINGS PHOTO: LESLIE PUGMIRE HOLE - Alpine Echoes musician Vic Hatch performs a tradional folk dance with Madeline Baumann.