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Preview of upcoming West Linn City Council meetings

A full month since its last regular meeting, the City Council returns Monday with a packed agenda.

The March 14 meeting is a combined work session and regular meeting. The work session is set for 5 p.m., while the regular meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m.

The work session will cover just two items, both of which will be revisited later in the evening during the regular meeting.

After discussing the latest draft of the City’s new Transportation Systems Plan (TSP), the council will move to one of its “underutilized” properties at 21395 Willamette Drive.


Monday’s work session marks the final chance for discussion before a formal public hearing on the TSP. The plan is to vote on the adoption of the TSP during the council’s regular meeting.

The city is required to update its transportation plan as part of Metro’s overhauling of its Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).

At an October 2014 meeting, the City Council voted to approve an intergovernmental agreement with the Oregon Department of Transportation to work on updating the plan, and the project was originally scheduled to be completed by the fall of 2015.

The new TSP will extend its reach all the way through 2040.

The plan was developed with four priorities in mind: safety; mobility, access and environment; equity; and maintenance. To that end, the 2008 TSP was updated to identify more pedestrian and bicycle projects, incorporate Safe Routes to Schools and institute new evaluation methods to measure progress.

In total, the draft TSP calls for just over $50 million in improvement projects — about $23 million of which is considered “high priority.” The City’s projected funding over the next 20 years — around $20 million — comes just shy of funding those high priority projects.

View the draft in full at bit.ly/1RPkWEj.

Public testimony will be accepted at the hearing Monday.

Underutilized property

The council is also expected to take action on an underutilized property at 21395 Willamette Drive.

The single-lot property measures at just under a half acre, and was acquired by the City in 2002 after it was foreclosed on by Clackamas County.

“We acquired it and have been in default of the deed, which requires we establish a public purpose within one year of acquisition,” Parks and Recreation Director Ken Worcester said. “There are costs and problems associated with keeping it, and it is only about .4 acres with extremely limited access, which could go away if Willamette Drive is widened.”

Some residents have suggested turning the parcel into a public park. The City may also revert ownership back to Clackamas County, which would sell the property and reimburse West Linn for the original cost in 2002: $36,875.

The council will first discuss the issue in the work session before allowing public comment and taking a vote later in the evening.

Other items

The council’s consent agenda includes a number of items, including an intergovernmental agreement to partner with Clackamas County on storm water quality testing, as well as the lease of a cell tower near the Bolton Reservoir for use by Verizon and a bid for the 2016 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project.

Finally, during the regular meeting, the council will vote to either approve or deny a temporary use permit at two different lots on Skyline Drive for storage, staging and parking during the Bolton Reservoir Replacement Project.

The full agenda can be viewed at bit.ly/1RPkWEj.