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After re-bid, city approves contract for Bland Pump Station

Project back on track after postponement

by: TIDINGS FILE PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - After an unexpected delay to re-bid the project, the city council approved a $424,500 contract for the Bland Pump Station construction. After an unanticipated delay to re-bid the Bland Intertie pump station project, the city is back on track after the City Council voted to approve a new construction contract Monday.

The new contract with low bidder Cascade Water Works amounts to $424,500, all of which will be covered by water Systems Development Charge (SDC) funds.

The project is part of the city’s six-year capital improvement plan and budgeted at a total of $1.25 million. The Bland Intertie Pump Station is the first piece of the two-part project.

“We have the pump station, and then in about a month we’ll have water line construction,” Public Works Director Lance Calvert said.

Construction was put on hold March 17 when the city council voted to cancel a contract with Pacific Construction Resources (PCR) and re-bid the project. The decision came shortly after city staff discovered an oversight in PCR’s original bid, thus rendering it incomplete and unfit for the project.

The bid, as the city discovered, was missing $100,000 that was meant to cover “project technical specifications” for the pump station’s control and communications. According to Calvert, PCR mistakenly believed those specifications would be covered by the city.

PCR’s low bid of $514,000 was accepted Feb. 24.

The mutual agreement between West Linn and PCR to terminate the contract cost the city $3,056.54. The city then re-bid the project April 30.

Even with the missing $100,000 now accounted for, the newly accepted bid from Cascade Water Works is significantly lower than PCR’s offer because the city decided to pre-purchase the pumps in order to make up for the contract delay.

The project was originally scheduled to be completed by July 1. Now, Calvert anticipates the project will be completed sometime in August.

The plan calls for housing the pump station equipment inside a 15-foot-tall, 352-square-foot concrete block building located near the southeast corner of the site.

New water lines would connect the pump to the reservoir and distribute water to the Rosemont water pressure zone, which serves 6,451 people, according to the city.

The city’s water system is broken down into four zones. Each zone has a pump station and a reservoir to help manage water pressure. The new Bland Circle pump station will service the Rosemont neighborhood.

The site, which was annexed to West Linn in 2006, has contained the city’s Bland reservoir facility since 1980. The reservoir is a cylindrical, above-ground tank about three stories tall and 42 feet in diameter, according to city records. The plan calls for constructing a new pump station to address increased need with the construction of the Trillium Creek Primary School. A large portion of funding for the project is being paid for through system development charges paid by the school district.

According to city staff, the Rosemont reservoir storage is significantly undersized and redundant water pipeline interconnections are required to overcome this deficiency.

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