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Presidents working to 'revitalize' Rosemont Summit NA

New stipend system also in place

When the representatives from West Linn’s various neighborhood associations (NAs) took turns giving their monthly reports at a June 30 Neighborhood Association presidents meeting, one area was conspicuously missing.

It has been that way for years now, ever since the Rosemont Summit Neighborhood Association formally disbanded in 2011 due to lack of community involvement. A proposal to merge Rosemont Summit with the Hidden Springs NA gained little traction in the years since, and now the presidents group is searching for a new reinvigoration strategy for the area that sits atop the hill adjacent to the Hidden Springs, Parker Crest and Sunset neighborhoods.

An update on that effort to “revitalize” Rosemont Summit was, fittingly, placed just after the various neighborhood updates on the June 30 agenda. At a prior meeting, Barrington Heights NA President Meredith Olmsted and Bolton NA President Alan Smith agreed to spearhead that project.

“Our suggestion is that we not try to formulate a meeting with that neighborhood until September,” Olmsted said. “It’s just too hard in the summertime with everything that’s going on. Probably mid-September, after school gets going.”

Olmsted said The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Rosemont Road agreed to host such a meeting, should it take place, and she also suggested that the neighborhood presidents be “presumptive” by scheduling the meeting themselves.

“We’ll say, there’s going to be a Rosemont Summit meeting on this day, at this place,” Olmsted said. “We can ask the City to send out postcards to all residents ... it’s a presumptive thing: ‘Here is why an NA is important to you the homeowner, you the resident, you the participant in your community.’ And what other NAs in West Linn are doing in their neighborhood meetings and how that is improving the neighborhood.

“If we come in with success stories at that point to whomever arrives, perhaps we can get a core built.”

Olmsted also asked for each president to come up with at least one idea about “what makes your NA successful, or what makes meeting attendance go up.”

The overarching point, Olmsted said, was that the neighborhood presidents would have to work collectively if they hope to bring Rosemont Summit back into the fold.

“It’s going to take a commitment from each of us for the first few months,” she said. “On a rotating basis we can partner with the group ... maybe they meet once a quarter for the first year, whatever it is.”

Olmsted’s suggestions were well-received by the presidents.

“September is a good timeframe,” Savanna Oaks NA President Ed Schwarz said. “I’m happy to attend that meeting and maybe we can get several NA presidents there.”

“If we ask (Rosemont Summit residents) to show up on their own, no one is going to do it,” Olmsted said.

Parker Crest NA President Bill Relyea, for his part, suggested contacting various homeowners associations to garner interest.

“I have 10 different homeowner associations within Parker Crest neighborhood association, and when word goes out through each of those presidents, they get their people motivated,” Relyea said.

New stipend system in place

Earlier this year, the NA presidents requested that the annual stipends for NAs be increased from a fixed amount of $300 to $500, and that request was granted for fiscal year 2017.

The City allocates a total of $10,000 every year for NA stipends, $1,000 of which is placed in an emergency fund. In addition to the fixed annual allocation, NAs are also allotted additional funding based on population.

At the old $300 baseline, total annual stipends ran as low as $390 (in the less populated Skyline Ridge area) and as high as $1,711 in denser areas like Willamette.

That structure remains in place under the new policy, but with a $500 baseline as opposed to $300. The funds are generally used for community events and other initiatives throughout the year.

Under the new system, the highest allocation in fiscal year 2017 will go to the Willamette NA ($1,323), while the lowest goes to Skyline Ridge ($552).

Rosemont Summit will not receive a stipend for 2017.

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