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Lauren B survives emotional hurricane

Leah's lies threaten West Linn woman's relationship with 'The Bachelor'

Through no fault of her own, West Linn’s Lauren Bushnell (Lauren B) narrowly survived a tidal wave of bad weather and contestant sabotage in Episode 6 of the hit TV reality show, “The Bachelor.” Lauren Bushnell

The Monday, Feb. 8 airing somehow managed to outdo last week’s uber-drama, as the remaining eight women and Bachelor Ben Higgins headed off to the Bahamas for three separate dates.

The first was of the one-on-one variety, and went to contestant Caila, where she ensured her safety a by earning a rose. Next up was the group date, which for the second-consecutive week included Bushnell.

The 2008 West Linn High School graduate and five other women set out on a boat ride to undisclosed island where a herd of swimming pigs were waiting for them. Chaos followed, as contestants tried to feed hungry pigs chicken hot dogs while avoiding being trampled by the exuberant animals. As the excitement died down, it was Bushnell who seemed to grab Higgins’ attention, as the two spent the majority of the remaining group date alone in the ocean.

This didn't escape notice by the other women, especially contestant Leah, who retaliated by telling Higgins that Bushnell was acting differently in the house than she did around the him, going as far as to say that Bushnell seemed “a little bit fake” at that night’s cocktail party.

Higgins decided to confront Bushnell about the accusation but the 26-year-old flight attendant was overcome with emotion and did not respond. The other women, particularly Amanda and Becca, came to her defense as they wondered if it was Leah who told Higgins the lie.

Later, the 25-year-old event planner visited his private suite, spinning the fabrication even further. While the Bachelor said he felt a “disconnect” with Leah, and subsequently sent her home, it seemed as if damage to his relationship with Bushnell had been done.

But before Bushnell could learn her fate at the concluding rose ceremony, it was time for the show’s most diabolical contestant, at least up until that point in the season, to go on a two-on-one date. Contestant Emily (the remaining twin) and Olivia (the polarizing news anchor that had annoyed the other contestants for the entire season) were the two selected contestants. One would move on to next week’s episode while the other would be sent packing.

The pair, along with Higgins, took a symbolic boat ride out to another private island in a torrential downpour and blistering winds. After talking with both separately it was Olivia that continued to display confidence, going as far as to tell Higgins that she had fallen in love with him. In what could be the biggest twist yet, Higgins sent Olivia home, giving Emily the rose and leaving Olivia alone in the island storm to ponder what happened.

Meanwhile, there was still the climactic rose ceremony that needed to take place. Bushnell, Lauren H, JoJo and Becca were the four contestants in jeopardy, with just three roses to hand out. Becca and JoJo received the first two, meaning it was between the two Laurens for the final spot in next week’s episode.

Ultimately, Higgins chose Bushnell, in spite of Leah’s sabotage efforts earlier in the episode, meaning she was safe for at least another week. Promos for what’s in store in the coming weeks showed a great deal of rampant emotions, included tears from Higgins himself and a dramatic proposal at the end of the season.

Only time will tell if Bushnell is able to repair Higgins’ trust and win his heart. Check next week’s Tidings to see what happens in Episode 7, airing Monday, Feb. 15 at 8 p.m. on ABC.