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First-graders draw animals to save animals

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Cedaroak Park Primary first-graders got to play with animals while raising money to thelp them during their art exhibit fundraiser Jan. 7.Cedaroak Park Primary first-graders did their part for the West Linn community earlier this month when Julie Hunt’s class of students created artwork for charity. PAWS Animal Shelter in West Linn showcased the artwork, about 30 pieces in all, with proceeds going to homeless animals at a special art exhibit Jan. 7.

The oil pastel drawings were mostly depicting the kids’ favorite animals, stemming from inspiration gained after reading “Blue Dog, The Book.”

“We learned about how artists represent animals in different ways from reading the book and the kids just really took to it from the beginning,” Hunt says.SUBMITTED PHOTO - Money raised from the Jan. 7 art exhibit went to PAWS Animal Shelter.

Hunt, who has volunteered at PAWS Animal Shelter for a number of years, brought kittens from the shelter into class for show and tell. Her students quickly warmed to the animals and decided to create their own artwork to help the shelter’s orphaned animals.

“The kids really wanted to find a way to help the animals,” Hunt says. “This was one way to do it, and they were thrilled.”

The class sold each piece of artwork for $10, totaling more than $200 to go to the shelter. Overall, the experience was a memorable one for Hunt’s class, and more importantly, a successful one.

“The kids were so excited to help,” she says. “It was a great night — a really great night.”

— Andrew KilstromSUBMITTED PHOTO - Julie Hunt's first grade class created original artwork, selling each piece for $10.