For all but four years of my life I have been a resident of West Linn. As well, (I am) a graduate of the West Linn-Wilsonville School District.

I am here before you today out of passion and respect for my hometown, as well as the culture of it. Which is, above all other variables, what truly makes it West Linn. That culture, which so many past and current mayors and council members have claimed to recognize and have said they intend to preserve, and which almost certainly helped them in becoming elected, is and has been threatened and endangered for quite some time.

The largest threat to West Linn’s spirit at this time is in fact the city council, the planning commission and the mayor’s office. They no longer stimulate that spirit, and it is endangered to the point where I feel that culture has officially started to decay and fade in favor of special interests and lobbyists and, perhaps, people who were never aware or respectful of that culture to begin with.

Naturally, my passion for my hometown has recently segued into outrage and instilled in me a desire to become involved, or in the very least, aware of the decisions being made at the local level, and whom it is truly influencing said decisions.

I believe the voting patterns of the council, since I have started observing them, have shown a trend of seemingly predetermined uniformity that I find truly disturbing, unsettling and unprofessional.

The only anomaly in these patterns has been and continues to be councilor Teri Cummings, whose pending retirement at the completion of her term represents a frightening, uncertain, yet eerily certain future for my hometown of West Linn.

Councilor Cummings is a small voice that represents many other voices in West Linn that seem to be considered equally small by the majority of the council and the mayor’s office.

That is why I have decided to submit myself, a true local, as a write-in on the ballot for city council this November and encourage all citizens of my beautiful hometown of West Linn to vote a true local onto the city council.

I don’t drive; I do a lot of walking. You’ve probably seen me. My decision was made because of what I have seen and heard while out and around town and while attending city council meetings.

The mounting frustration brought on by my attention to the political process in my hometown has become almost a burden to me mentally.

As a result, come November, should I fall short in my campaign, I have decided to leave town, by the end of the year, and you can be rid of me. I would certainly prefer to stay in my hometown of West Linn, Ore.

Ben Egland is a resident of West Linn.

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