Ms. Parrish’s response to my letter regarding her non-stand on abortion rights (West Linn Tidings, Oct. 18) clearly defines her ignorance of a state’s ability to affect the reproductive rights of women. “There were 39 laws restricting abortion enacted in the first half of 2012. While that's less than half the 80 put in place during the first half of last year, the number of laws already on the books for 2012 is higher than any other year before 2011” as reported by Guttmacher Institute, the reproductive policy research group that tracks these issues. Among the popular targets this year are: • Restrictions on medication abortions (passed by three states); • Banning abortion prior to fetal viability (also passed by three states); and, • Limiting coverage of abortion by insurance policies participating in health exchanges that will sell policies under the new health law starting in 2014 (passed by four states). If Ms. Parrish refuses to take a stand on these important rights for all women, then I would have to assume that she is against a woman’s right to choose and would rather have the government dictate what women can or cannot do regarding their health choices. A vote for Carl Hosticka will help preserve every woman’s right to choose. Please join me in voting for Carl Hosticka. Emily Toll

West Linn

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