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Vote for John Ludlow


All anyone has to do is watch a Clackamas County commission meeting to realize that change is needed in Oregon City. From citizens being led out of the commission chambers by deputies, to meetings hastily being canceled because of upset citizens, the state of your Clackamas County commission is in shambles.

People no longer trust their commissioners, plain and simple. And the commission now feels like it has to do everything to ignore the valid concerns that are being raised by county taxpayers about everything from budget cuts, to bridges, to light rail and urban renewal.

John Ludlow is a man who believes that if we are going to spend millions in tax dollars, citizens have a right to be heard. He has vowed to limit the use of urban renewal and try to stop boondoggles like the Portland-Milwaukie light rail.

I urge you to vote for John Ludlow this November.

Lonnie Gieber Wilsonville