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I was saddened to read last week's Citizen’s View by Larry McIntyre. I have a great deal of respect for him. We served on the council in the '80s.

There is nothing critical to our city in the expansion here in West Linn. This plant can be built anywhere and we will still have the intertie. LO must supply water to the Marylhurst area. The piping to the intertie is there now, so the emergency water will still be available in both directions.  

The fact is, Clackamas County commissioners overrode the county planning commission in 1967 and OK’ed this plant, even with overwhelming opposition from the neighborhood. So how does continuing a huge mistake made then meet any comprehensive plan or development codes even today?

The plant expansion here doesn't protect the city and our neighborhood in any way. The only thing we get is some water lines replaced. During construction, children will need to navigate Mapleton and emergency response could be delayed when minutes are critical.

It appears every move by our city, since a new water master plan was adopted in 2008, has been to be prepared to OK this project. The fact that the city needs to address shortcomings of our water system has nothing to do with this plant expansion here. Those needs will continue no matter where the plant is built.  

How sad it has come to this, Lake Oswego and Tigard are more important than those of us who live in West Linn and the Robinwood area.


Robert Stowell

West Linn

Contract Publishing

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