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LOT process has no respect for citizens


I have taken the position from the very beginning of this process commenced by Lake Oswego-Tigard Water Partnership that the government in whatever shape or form has no respect for the citizens of West Linn, nor does the city of Lake Oswego as evidenced by its lawsuit against the property owners in West Linn, with no regard for alternatives, expect to take the heavy-handed position only available to governments.

The video or other forms of communication will not persuade me to the contrary, but will only serve to reinforce my position that the treatment of a neighborhood attempting to protect a residential property from an industrial use by the West Linn Planning Commission and staff is pathetic, insulting, humiliating and embarrassing.

Prove to me that this so-called video is nothing other than what I have said from the outset of this fiasco.

Chuck Landskroner

West Linn