I found the letter interesting from Brian Hawkins and the Citizen’s View by Greg DiLoreto supporting the LOT water project. In checking, neither one of them live anywhere near the proposed project. I also take exception to Brian’s comment a small band, we are many from all over West Linn. They will experience little or no disruption in their lives for up to three years.

Greg talks about the night work on Highway 43 not being a bother. The construction on 43 will affect about one mile from Mapleton to the north city limits. According to their application, about 150 feet will be done per night. I estimate this will take about 35 nights. They estimate about eight trucks an hour or about 78 per night for a total of 2,886 just for West Linn. This doesn’t include the pipe construction from our city limits to Laurel Drive in LO. This could be another 5,200 trucks on 43. Noise levels that will be allowed with no attempt to lower will be dumping of gravel on the pavement, in the trench or loading of material into trucks. There are many residence on 43, which includes at least 25 from Marylhurst Drive to the city limits that either face or back up to 43. This includes two care facilities. Not much sleep for any of us on or near 43.

I hope they and others read the findings of the planning commission. They would find their reasons were sound. CDC 60.070 A3 talks about overall community need. CDC60.060 A 7 uses the term “benefit.” The planning commission found it reasonable to include the concept of “benefit” here and in the Robinwood plans addressing the overall needs of the community.

The planning commission pointed out that community refers to West Linn only not the region.

The intertie that exists will work no matter where LOT builds this new plant, and it is a new plant. LO needs to supply water to the Marylhurst area and the 27” pipe is already there to the intertie with West Linn. The water allotted to West Linn is only for a number of years, then what? The benefit is gone! Where is the value to West Linn?

Greg writes about the shortcomings of our water system, however this project will not solve any of those issues.

The Robinwood Neighborhood Association and the Great Neighbors Committee worked hard on a mitigation list to offer something of value to our neighborhood and West Linn with little to show for it from LOT or our planning staff. In closing I want to thank our planning commission for listening to us here in West Linn and putting us first.

Robert Stowell is a resident of West Linn.

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