If anyone in West Linn wonders why we must solve our water problems by voting “yes” to replace our rusty pipes and expanding Lake Oswego’s water plant – just think about the October fire at West Linn High. The $2.5 million fire was put out by Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue using water drawn from our water system. It’s not enough to have water. Firefighters need water pressure to put out fires. Without it, our firefighters would have had put out the call for a volunteer bucket brigade. The high school fire drew water from the 100-year-old Bolton Reservoir through our leaky and rusty pipes. We depended on Lake Oswego’s water plant to provide us with backup supply and pressure if our own system proved inadequate. We need its update just as much as we need new pipes. There are those trying to convince us we can just limp along with the status quo. Taking their advice puts property at risk, likely raises insurance rates and costs all of us more money when we do tomorrow what we should do today.

Warren Okuns

West Linn

Contract Publishing

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