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Deny the water treatment plant


The Lake Oswego-Tigard water treatment facility proposal is not compatible nor should it be allowed in a residential area. It does not meet the city’s code.

Interestingly, the city just completed negotiations with PGE for a franchise fee and can be used as a very good comparable for what a reasonable fee is valued at. But the reader can decide what is reasonable.

1. PGE fee $734,000.00/year for 10 years or $7.34 million totalLOT fee $500,000.00/year for 10 years or $5 million one-time fee

2. PGE fee for 40 years, current terms = $29.36 millionLOT fee for 40 years, $125,000 per year, $5 million total

3. PGE agreement after 10 years, renegotiated LOT agreement, one-time fee

4. PGE agreement no city resources provided LOT agreement, all city resources available yet tax exempt5. PGE to complete work needed involves several work trucks LOT, 50,000 trucks, three-year construction period

6. PGE minimal impact to Highway 43LOT impact nine months construction Highway 43

7. PGE, zero impact to property valuesLOT, 10-25 percent reduction to property values, according to local real estate agents

8. PGE, zero impact to businessesLOT, 5-50 percent negative impact to business income on Highway 43, acording to Wilkerson Business impact report

9. PGE, no noiseLOT, major noise during three-year period and after

10. PGE, no litigationLOT, 86 property owners sued

11. PGE, no hasslesLOT, three years of hell on earth since 2010, and three years of destruction if project done

12. PGE, no pilingsLOT, 1,000 pilings in liquidfied soil equivalent to a bowl of jelly

13. PGE, no impact to parksLOT, above ground activity interferes with city’s Cedar Island park and beach

14. PGE, no street damage LOT, Mapleton, Nixon, Kenthorpe and Highway 43 impacted15. PGE, no codes violatedLOT, nine codes violated, according to planning commission findings16. PGE, no conflict with comprehensive planLOT, Stafford development conflicts with comp plan

17. PGE, no threat of electricity service stopped LOT, threat of IGA intertie canceled

18. PGE, not contingent on permitsLOT, contingent on permits issued

19. PGE, electrical service is a benefit to West LinnLOT facility benefits Oswego and Tigard, not West LinnI could double this list to compare more but it is not necessary, is it?The next questions needing answers are: a) who receives this license fee and b) how is this money going to be spent? Will it be used for city employees’ payroll? Or might it be used to remodel city hall? Could it be used to restore the city’s water infrastructure? Will property owners and businesses impacted be compensated for their losses? Our codes, permits are not for sale. The code requires the project to be a benefit. The license fee is not an adequate benefit. This project does not meet nine codes. Please do not approve the LOT permits but turn your commitment to the citizens of West Linn in order to focus on West Linn’s water issues creating long-term solutions with West Linn resources.

David J. Froode is the managing partner of STOP LLC and a resident of West Linn.