Council has been duped by LOT

I had to chuckle upon reading Mayor Kovash’s comments in the Tidings a couple of weeks ago (Feb. 28), on his reasoning for voting to approve the Lake Oswego-Tigard water treatment proposal before the council.

With all due respect, Mr. Mayor, but you and your fellow councilors have been played.

You fell for the ol’ empty bag con. The perpetrators will be laughing all the way to the bank ... in perpetuity, as they say. “P.T. Barnum lives!”

Peter Lang

West Linn

County decision is disheartening

Thank you to Our Opinion, “County sends wrong message about true value,” (March 14) regarding West Linn’s loss of the Mapleton Drive parcel that would have enabled local area access to Mary S. Young State Park.

With a tight city budget, this purchase, at 10 percent of actual value, would have been the best way to fulfill the city’s goal of access to the park from this area.

This most likely is not an opportunity that will present again.

As a West Linn resident I am aware of and am pleased and grateful for the green corridors created throughout the neighborhoods here and appreciate walking areas away from traffic.

Your article illumined past history of our County Board of Commissioners giving cities first chance at obtaining property such as this.

I’m sorry to see their change of view, apparently seeing only the money someone could make with the property without considering the nonfinancial benefits that indirectly add up to great value in other ways.

This change of stance is disheartening and sullies my view of our commissioners.

Susan Zipin

West Linn

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