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City needs competition pool

I am writing in response to your (March 14) article on the West Linn aquatic center.

The weather in West Linn does not warrant a mutli-million (dollar) outdoor destination-style pool. A fun pool is nice, but what’s really needed is a competition pool with swimming lanes. Fitness lane swimming is a popular low-impact sport for all ages and abilities, including local swim clubs.

Dean Anderson

West Linn

Put votes to good use

It sickens me to hear about the recent reports of tree destruction allowed in Mapleton for Lake Oswego-Tigard (LOT) Water Partnership's sake.  People need to pay close attention to upcoming state and local legislation that also threatens to cut down the citizens' right to know. In West Linn, staff hope to abolish de novo hearings and decrease notice requirements, among other things. West Linn's problems with LOT began, in my opinion, in 2005 when a former city manager named Scott Burgess got himself elected to city council. It appeared his main mission was to fund a new water master plan process despite the one already updated in 2004 by former Mayor Dodd's council. Lake Oswego's Chris Jordan was brought in as city manager and soon the 2008 master plan set the score for LOT. In my experience as a West Linn city councilor, this city manager form of government is nothing but a farce of democracy.  Responsibility passes from council to staff and back again, a never-ending swirl dashing all hope of unaccountability or change. Transparency, a useful slogan. No one, especially not decision makers, can reasonably expect well-informed decisions under this opaque system. I couldn’t tolerate it any longer without some hope of change. "Hope has two beautiful daughters — anger and courage, anger at the way things are and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are."

— Augustine of Hippo Sometimes people blame themselves or each other when feeling threatened. Better to name this "lateral aggression" and turn to the source. Protecting our right to know requires all the collective strength possible while keeping a keen eye on preventing similar problems. It takes courage to change, but despite an imperfect democracy, we collectively own the power to put our votes to good use. 

Teri Cummings

West Linn

Individual health plans are being terminated

I am a licensed health broker and have been following closely the act ivies of Cover Oregon, which is the private company that will run the Oregon Exchange.  I am shocked that more Oregonians are not paying attention to what is happening to individual health plans in Oregon.  The Oregon Insurance Division, under the directive of Cover Oregon, issued a bulletin on Feb. 22 (Bulletin 2013-1) that states that all individual plans in the state must be terminated no later than March 31, 2014. So much for "If you like your plan you can keep it."

Monica Cox

West Linn

Fix online comments

I hope you make (online) comments available for people with no Facebook. Wouldn't email be as simple as that? I will never have Facebook and I would often make a comment on what is going on in West Linn but I can't.

Tomas Pudil

West Linn

(Editor's note: You can also use aol.com, yahoo.com or msn.com to comment on our website. However, users may need to log off from Facebook to see those options.)

Why I love West Linn

I wish I would have been in a position to stop and take a photo, but, as usual, I was late — even later than usual because of the police activity on I-205.

The first set of lights was a fender bender. The second police car warmed my heart. It was around 5:15 p.m. Friday (March 22) in the southbound lanes of I-205, coming into West Linn.

This is why I love West Linn:

It was raining lightly off and on this afternoon as I inched south on I-205. I passed the first police car with lights flashing at a fender bender on the bridge. Moments later, a second police car with  flashing lights could be seen on the side of the road, parked behind another vehicle. As I got closer, I could see a little white-haired lady standing at the rear of her car. Next to her, kneeling on the wet pavement, was a West Linn police officer changing the flat tire on her car.

It made me proud of West Linn and the people who work and live here.

Sharon Murphy

West Linn

League supports common sense to deal with gun violence

The Clackamas County League of Women Voters urges your support for common-sense solutions to gun violence that is plaguing our nation.

The 140,000 league members (nationally and 109 in Clackamas County) share a longstanding position reached by consensus of our members in support of gun safety. Since 1990, we have used this position to lobby in support of the assault weapons ban, legislation requiring all dealers to run criminal background checks at gun shows and in opposition to laws that grant special protections for the gun industry.

The League of Women Voters’ position on gun safety is that the proliferation of handguns and semi-automatic assault weapons in the United States is a major health and safety threat to its citizens. We support strong federal measures to limit the accessibility and regulate the ownership of these weapons by private citizens. The league supports regulating firearms for consumer safety.

The league supports licensing procedures for gun ownership by private citizens to include a waiting period for background checks, personal identification verification, gun safety education and annual license renewal. The license fee should be adequate to bear the cost of education and verification.

The league supports a ban on “Saturday night specials,” enforcement of strict penalties for the improper possession of and crimes committed with handguns and assault weapons and allocation of resources to better regulate and monitor gun dealers.

If you believe gun safety is important, call, email or write to your senators and representatives (both national and state) to let them know you support measures for gun safety. Common sense gun laws are a matter of public safety and public health.

Board of the League of Women Voters of Clackamas County

(Editor’s note: Because of concerns surfacing in other areas of the country about writers of gun safety pieces sometimes facing issues, this letter is listed as being from the Board of the League of Women Voters of Clackamas County and not the individual board members.)

‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ and guns

In the debate today about gun violence with AR-15 type assault weapons and extended clip handguns, no one is talking about everyone’s “… unalienable rights to … life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” When someone's freedom to own and use a gun threatens another's "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness,” why is that not illegal? John Stuart Mill, in his book, “On Liberty,” stated that the actions of individuals should be limited to prevent harm to other individuals, called the “harm principle.” When the Newtown, Conn., children died, the students in Blacksburg, Vir., were shot, the moviegoers in Aurora, Colo., murdered and the shoppers at the Clackamas Mall perished all at the hands of AR-15 assault rifles and extended clip handguns, were not their rights harmed? Why is this so hard to understand and prevent?

Ted Ricks

Lake Oswego