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Dorothy Maddax would have been pleased

I was so happy to read of your coverage on April 25 of Olivia McDonald's “birthday party” participating in Earth Day cleanup in Maddax Woods.  

Several of us in Friends of Maddax Woods knew Dorothy Maddax. Dorothy loved her gardens, the wildlife on her property and the Willamette River on which her property borders. Upon her death in 1999, Dorothy gave her property to the city of West Linn for a nature park. Volunteers continue to work in Maddax Woods to eradicate invasive species, plant native plants and shrubs and to restore Dorothy's garden.  

Olivia and her friends deserve special recognition for their efforts. Dorothy would have been so pleased!  

Elaine Mahoney

West Linn

by: SUBMITTED - This is an aerial photo of the Lake Oswego Water Treatment Plant, which is located in West Linn.

Picture is worth a thousand words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This is an aerial shot of the Lake Oswego-Tigard water treatment plant site after the removal of two hundred trees.

This was done even though the decision to allow the project is under appeal. Of note in this photo is not only the devastation of the landscape, but the very real perspective of how out of place this project is.

Is this site, surrounded by a quiet residential wooded neighborhood, really the appropriate place for the industrial scale development that is proposed here? Not to mention that this will now be Tigard's water treatment plant managed by Lake Oswego in a West Linn neighborhood.

I hope West Linn residents will examine this photo and realize that this is only the beginning of a massive invasion on our city. It is not too late to let your council know. Their decision is under appeal and could very likely be remanded for another go around. Tell them to get it right.

Scott Gerber

West Linn

Keith Steele is trustworthy

Keith Steele is the right choice for school board. Keith has a rich record of involvement in the district. He served on the district budget committee and has been an elected board member for the past four years. He has successfully managed the wide range of challenges and responsibilities and opportunities facing our school district.

Keith has the commitment to education that makes a good board member. He is a good listener and is respectful of the needs of children and families. He has demonstrated a strong understanding of financial and educational needs. His knowledge and experience of bonds, finances, education, policy and personnel are strong assets.

I am very proud of our school district and want to assure continued success.

Electing strong, effective, involved, knowledgeable and trustworthy board members is critical to continued success. I trust Keith Steele. Elect him!

Roger L. Woehl, Ed.D.

Former West Linn-Wilsonville School District superintendent

Parton is a man of his word

I am writing to express my support for Ron Parton for the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board Position 5.

I have known Ron and his wife, Sharon, for 25 years and am well acquainted with their wonderful family.

He and Sharon have been married for 46 years and they chose to make West Linn their home 15 years ago, they are committed to and invested in their community.

Their three grandchildren attended West Linn schools until moving away, so Ron is familiar with the issues facing schools today and more than willing to take on these challenges.

Ron has worked all over the world and always with a team effort. He believes in open communication and mutual respect for all members of the team. He will bring this attitude and hands-on approach to all he does.

Ron will use his knowledge and experience to work to provide the best educational experience for the students in this district. He's a man of his word, a man of integrity and someone you can trust.

His commitment will encompass all areas of schools — budget, education and curriculum.

He will work tirelessly to find the solutions to the problems challenging all schools today.

Kathy Birch

Lake Oswego

Support Regan Molatore for school board

I am pleased to endorse Regan Molatore for West Linn-Wilsonville School Board of Directors.

Regan has been affiliated with our district the majority of her life beginning as a kindergarten student through high school and now as a parent. She brings an exceptional educational record and work resume as an attorney with a broad range of experience. She has been involved at many levels of volunteering including vice president of the West Linn-Wilsonville Education Foundation, principal selection committee and PTA. She also coaches soccer and works with several other organizations in the community.

I have known Regan for several years and have found her to be highly articulate, able to dissect and understand complex issues and work extremely well with others. She asks excellent questions and is diligent in her preparation. Best of all, she has a true zeal for public education and a passion for raising educational accomplishments and opportunity for all children.

Regan is running unopposed, but please join me in voting for her, thereby affirming her election to the board. She will be an outstanding board member and great asset to our district and community in this capacity.

Dale Hoogestraat

West Linn

Keith Steele — sensible leadership for WL-WV

Several years ago I had the pleasure to reach out to Keith Steele and another WL-WV School Board member regarding the status of Sunset Primary School. Both Keith and Dale Hoogestraat were very engaging and helpful.  

They first listened and then provided suggestions on how to best understand why relocating Sunset school was being considered and how to present our concerns in a way that could add to the discussion and decision-making process. Their good advice and oversight as board members allowed our concerns to be heard and allowed us a place at the table so a holistic solution could be forged. The process was inclusive and has afforded Sunset the possibility to retain a school at the historic Sunset site where a school has defined our neighborhood and community for nearly 120 years.

Keith has earned my trust, and I value his advice. I urge you to vote yes for Keith as we head into budget deliberations and consideration of new bonding to address the needs of the children in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District.

Troy Bowers

West Linn

Invest in community colleges

My family has been connected with the Clackamas Community College Foundation for more than two decades. We give of our time and personal resources because we believe access to a good education that is close to home and leads to a four-year degree or a meaningful career is a sound investment.

Community colleges benefit our children, neighbors and friends. They provide local industry with highly skilled workers to keep their businesses competitive.

Ensuring students have access to an affordable education and keeping our local economy strong is critically important to the CCC Foundation.

Oregon has set ambitious goals for creating an educated and skilled workforce. But achieving these goals is not possible with continued disinvestment in our community colleges. The proposed funding level for community colleges at the state Legislature will lead to additional cuts in programs and force higher costs on students.

To meet the needs of our community, I am urging the Legislature to fund our community colleges at a minimum of $460 million, $32 million more than is proposed in the governor’s and the Ways and Means budget proposals. This is a level consistent with the funding proposed for K-12 schools.

Make an investment that provides a superior return. Invest in community colleges.

Scott Hamersly


Clackamas Community College Foundation

Molatore will provide leadership, vision on school board

I am writing in support of R egan Molatore as a West Linn-Wilsonville School Board candidate and to encourage residents of school district to vote for her on May 21.

Regan is smart, dedicated and compassionate. She is a mom with two young children in the district and long-time resident of West Linn. She is also a busy community volunteer coaching her daughter in soccer for the last three years and working with the West Linn-Wilsonville Education Foundation raising funds to retain our teachers.

As a mom with two children in district schools next year, I am concerned about class sizes, retaining qualified teachers and advancing curriculum and practices that help our children succeed. I know that Regan shares my concerns and will provide the leadership and vision necessary to guide our superintendent and the school district as we face these ongoing challenges.

Nicole Case Wilsonville

Support Regan Molatore, Rob Fernandez and Keith Steele

Even though Regan Molatore and Rob Fernandez are running unopposed this year, they deserve a strong showing from this community in this election.

Rob and his wife operate two successful businesses in Wilsonville and have been Wilsonville residents for 27 years. He has a long history of being a super-volunteer in the schools and at the district level. Rob served with me on the board in 2010-2011 and he understands many of the complexities involved in serving on the board. He is smart, passionate about education, concerned for the welfare of all kids and he will be a steadfast defender of our schools.

Regan and her husband have deep roots here (she is a WLHS grad), and her two kids attend school in Wilsonville. In the few years I have known Regan, I have been impressed by her tireless advocacy for our schools and willingness to roll up her sleeves and do what needs to be done. Her recent leadership as vice president on the (West Linn-Wilsonville) education foundation is a recent shining example of what sets her apart. She is smart, dedicated, thoughtful and concerned for the welfare of all children – exactly the qualities you want on the board.

Mail your ballot today!

Keith Steele

West Linn

Parton is a committed and responsible leader

Talking points in letters have been consistent, however, inaccurate.

If looking for someone who cares, listens, learns the issues and follows with commitment to do the best for everyone, Ron Parton is that person. Sound like someone buried in ideology?

Ron participated in Tualatin city government for six years of bond issues, funding, forming a police department and extraordinary growth. Sound like "someone with no experience or ideas on how to proceed?” His experience leading teams delivering solutions to satisfied customers globally should be considered an asset, not discounted.

The most confusing item is: "He doesn't even have children or grandchildren in our district.” Unfortunately, this is one is a fact. It describes the majority of residents. Should one’s contribution be gauged by where their offspring reside? Does this adversely affect one's logic and capabilities to address needs in the community they reside in?

Ron and I have been together for a long time. I have seen the commitment and effort he has invested in endeavors. I have better insight than someone who has not met him. Take a chance, bring some added value to the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board and draw on a committed, responsible leader for our school district.

Sharon Parton

West Linn