It is a shame that the Lake Oswego-Tigard discussions have turned to personal attacks and accusations.

Our mayor and city council are elected officials and are completely accountable to the law and the citizens who elected them. But they are also our neighbors and essentially volunteers putting in countless hours to do an essentially unpaid job that most of us don’t have the time, energy or patience to do. It’s a mostly thankless job that is concerned with and directly benefits the city’s residents. 

For the record, “the citizens” of West Linn are not suing the council and mayor over the LOT process. It’s a small handful of residents and a commercial land owner with deep pockets. In fact, “the citizens” elected this council and mayor in a show of solid support and I believe that most citizens are both supportive of the rights of the Mapleton residents and of the council/mayor. I also suspect most want a proper orderly resolution to the conflict, and, most of all, for all parties to show restraint and respect while exercising their rights to appeal.

The attacks on the council and mayor have turned vicious and personal — there is simply no need for that. There are countless checks and balances in place. The LOT decision is headed to the state on appeal. The process used for the various meetings and the decision by the planning commission and the city council are also under review to make sure they are in compliance with the law — the lawsuit will further dig into the process. We do not need to debate this in the newspaper.

Can we simply let the process work itself through without attacking individuals and being so personal? The worst thing that could happen here is that the majority of the citizens of West Linn allow a few to take over by being the loudest. Our city council and mayor are not out to get anyone or to usurp anyone’s rights or due process. These are solid citizens working hard on our behalf. If there are better people willing to work as hard for us as council and mayor — they weren’t around last election cycle — then let’s elect those new people next time. In the meantime, I’m not giving the loud and attacking people the time of day.

Mayor and council, we stand by you and want the processes to run their course. Stay strong. I think the great majority of the city feels the same.

Dean Suhr is a West Linn resident.

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