Farmers market opens Wednesday, June 19

On behalf of the West Linn Farmers Market (the Wednesday market that has been in existence for several years, not the new Saturday market, I know there is some confusion), I just wanted to see if you could help us get the word out that the market is starting next Wednesday, June 19, and goes every Wednesday until Aug. 28.

Every week has a theme starting off with the Summer Solstice Renaissance theme on June 19. We will have live sword fighting, Gameshire kids gaming area, live animals, live harpist and more. People are encouraged to come in costume.

Another highlight is the pie bake-off contest on July 3 where local celebrity Drew Carney of KGW along with other local “celebrities” will be judging. Full list of events is here:

Every market will have live music, product and cooking demonstrations and fresh local produce, crafts and spirits.

Shannen Knight

West Linn

Chamber guide left out Three Rivers school

The June 6 West Linn Tidings included an insert from the West Linn Chamber of Commerce. In reading the “Education” section of that insert, I was dismayed to realize that my daughter’s school was not listed as one of the schools in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District.

Three Rivers Charter School has been a public charter school serving the West Linn-Wilsonville district for 13 years. Although we are small (about 100 children), we consistently contribute to all of the accolades the chamber of commerce listed that make our school district such a desirable place to educate children. For example, our school has been recognized as a school of excellence every year that award has been available and our students consistently surpass state testing requirements.

Therefore, I humbly request that the chamber of commerce include in its next Business and Community Guide Three Rivers Charter School as the 16th school in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District.

Amy Fulmer

Three Rivers Charter School parent

West Linn

Applause for Paul Savas

I would like to applaud Commissioner Paul Savas for being the only Clackamas County Commissioner against giving himself a pay raise. It would seem only fair that while Oregon’s economy continues to suffer, our politicians should not consider themselves exempt from the reality we all face. We should expect more from our leaders at home, as well as in Washington,D.C.

Shirley Soderberg


Mayor’s ctizen’s view found confusing

In Mayor Kovash’s citizen’s view in the June 6 Tidings, there were many statements I found confusing or misleading. They include: “Constructed in West Linn but paid for by LOT.”

The water treatment facility is located in West Linn but the water is intended for Lake Oswego and Tigard, not West Linn. LOT does not pay property taxes to our city even though it uses the city’s infrastructure and services.”There will be a connection from the plant to the West Linn water system.”

There is already a connection between LOT’s plant and the West Linn water system that has been in place since 1984 through an emergency intertie. “So West Linn citizens will be able to count on water from the LOT partnership even if our system fails during a catastrophic event.”The current intergovernmental agreement, signed in 2003, indicates that in emergency conditions, one party shall provide as much water as is feasible to the other party, as long as it is not detrimental to the first party’s own water system. A new IGA is being discussed but it does not guarantee that water will be available when needed.

Finally, the current location has poor soil quality and is susceptible to liquefaction. Even though the plant is being built to high seismic standards (which is required for essential facilities), there is still no guarantee that it will survive such a catastrophic disaster. How much can we count on water being available when we really need it?”

At no cost to West Linn ratepayers.”LOT’s project has cost a great deal to ratepayers and will continue to do so for several more years, including neighbors spending thousands of dollars defending themselves in a lawsuit initiated by Lake Oswego, and construction traffic which will significantly impact local businesses.

Jenne Henderson

West Linn

Parking near courthouse is very inadequate

An open letter to the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners:

You should be ashamed of yourselves. The parking around the Clackamas County Courthouse is totally inadequate.

In addition you harass people with a maximum two-hour time limit and the threat of another citation if you don’t move your car. Two hours (in most court cases) cannot possibly allow court business to be completed.People who are required to come to the courthouse, (for whatever reason) are already stressed. Having to worry about parking tickets just adds to that stress level.

Shame on you. You are taking advantage of people. And that’s a crime. Maybe you should be taken to court.

Gil Koerger

Lake Oswego

Contract Publishing

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