Church welcomes new time, new pastor in Willamette

The time — it is a changing. The times — they are a changing.

As of July 7, the worship service at Willamette United Methodist Church will begin at 9 a.m.

Pastor Jonathan Enz was appointed to WUMC starting July 1. He and his wife, Dorine, live in Oregon City and have two adult sons.

Some of you may remember Jonathan’s father, Rev. Clark Enz, as he served as pastor at WUMC from 1984 to 1988. The people of WUMC are very excited to welcome them into our family and look forward to working with them to rebuild our congregation.

WUMC plays a vital role in our community, housing the West Linn Food Pantry, several AA meetings, Girl Scouts and other outreach programs. Our pies at the Old Time Fair and annual turkey dinner are memorable.

We invite you to help us welcome Jonathan and Dorine into our midst. In an ever-changing world it is comforting to know some things never change and that is the love of family and friends coming together.

The church is located at 1683 Willamette Falls Drive in West Linn.

Mary Lou Ball

Member, Willamette United Methodist Church

Help fund White Oak Savanna

I may have grey hair but you can teach this old dog new tricks. I have worked hard in getting my online Kickstarter project ready as a means to allow me the funding needed to continue my work in the White Oak Savanna. The photographs have been nine years in the making. This project is now ready to share with you. Ed (Schwarz) took the video of me in the Savanna and I believe that every level of support that you might consider in “funding” my project will get you a “reward” that you will like. You can fund me at any amount that you would like from $1 up and the rewards start at a $10 funding level.

I just pushed the button so my Kickstarter is officially off and running. The link is:

Please consider funding my project at one of the five levels available. For as little as $10 there will be a postcard put in the mail with a signature that you can keep to remember that you helped a small grassroots project be successful.

I put my heart and soul into this one. Please send it out to all of your friends and relatives who might want to help also. That is how these projects get funded. I need to reach $5,000 by Aug. 30 in order to have this be a successful project.

Roberta Schwarz

West Linn

Parks guided by special interests

Even though some years ago as a member of the parks board and one who assisted on the comprehensive parks plan that included ideas for a pool, I must say that I am not currently able to support a bond measure for an aquatic center.

Next to a hospital or a public auditorium, there is nothing more costly in the public sector to maintain than a public swimming pool.

On another note, it is tragic, after nearly 30 years of residency in West Linn how the parks department has responded to special interests rather than to the concerns of residents in those districts of West Linn where the parks are located. Fields Bridge Park, for example, the bulk of the play field at this park is given over and permanently fenced for the activities of the West Linn Baseball Association. The children of the West Willamette District have no place to engage in soccer or other field sports. The baseball group utilizes the only available space as a parking lot, and a rather costly parking lot at that ... and at taxpayer expense.

Further, I raise the question, to what extent does the city of West Linn subsidize semi-private sports groups? My view is that the parks department for too long has been guided by the interests of persons in the city’s departments whose prime interest has been jock/sports. There are other constituencies that have been sorely neglected.

Andy Rocchia

West Linn

Run schools like our homes

After walking around Wood Middle School today in the heat, I realize (again) why I never feel guilty when I vote “no” on any tax increase involving schools. I can hear the AC units running all day and night. This is from the main building and the two outer class buildings. Note: There is not a single car in both parking lots.

Over the years I’ve witnessed such a batten disregard for water, PE equipment and all other utilities. I counted 32 sports balls left out at the primary school during spring break two years ago and by the end of the break there were eight remaining.

The solution: Run each school similar to how we have to run our homes.

Scott Wilson


Boys baseball headed to state

I would just like to bring to your attention the West Linn 9U All-Star baseball team will be going to the state tournament in Newberg July 12 with a 30-0 record.

These boys are amazing and humble all at the same time. Their head coach is Lane Kadel. The boys are awesome and I can hardly wait to go to the state tournament this weekend.

Donna Baker

West Linn

Commissioners should pay for contract breach

Commissioners John Ludlow and Tootie Smith and others appear to be engaged in a concerted effort to breach Clackamas County’s contract with TriMet for the construction of the Orange light-rail line to Oak Grove.

TriMet has filed a lawsuit to enforce the contract and seeks damages of more than $1 million. Oregon law requires taxpayers pay for damages that result from a lawsuit against Clackamas County. But the law (ORS 30.285) also says that taxpayers are not required to pay when a governing body engaged in “malfeasance in office or willful or wanton neglect of duty,” which this breach appears to be.

If the court rules in TriMet’s favor as expected, the taxpayers of Clackamas County should not have to pay for the damages, costs and attorney fees resulting from TriMet’s lawsuit. They should demand that commissioners Ludlow and Smith, and any other commissioner that supported this breach, personally pay instead.

David L. Jorling

Lake Oswego

TriMet drivers, behave yourselves

I was riding the train into Clackamas when a heavyset man suddenly whipped out a TriMet ID, saying he was an employee of TriMet and loudly and aggressively demanding this young girl sitting directly behind me turn off her music.

I could barely hear the music and it wasn’t unpleasant. He berated her in a rude and obnoxious manner in front of the entire car. She protested his manner, saying he could have asked nicely. Someone yelled, “No one was complaining”.

The loud conversation he was having with his companion was far more disturbing and I resented his polluting the air with his anger and hostility.

The girl was attractive and well dressed. Her appearance and manner demonstrated she clearly did not have an attitude. She did not warrant being humiliated by this lout.

This man was clearly a bully abusing his position, something I’m sure TriMet would never approve of. TriMet needs to take steps to discourage their employees misbehaving like this.

John Freeman


Contract Publishing

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