Move ball field to Parker Road site

The city of West Linn owns 7.5 flat, well-drained acres, located at the west end of Parker Road. Come November, voters will decide the fate of the $24 million bond issue to build a swim center on the Parker Road site.

I wish those who support the project all the luck in the world; they are going to need it considering the dismal state of the municipal bond market and a shrinking tax base in suburbia.

However, here’s a positive idea should the aquatic bond issue do a deep six at the polls: Allow the West Linn Baseball Association a truly suitable site, namely the Parker property.

Since 2007, it should be obvious to everyone by now that the baseball group’s bigger events at Fields Bridge Park do not make the folks who live in the West Willamette neighborhood happy. We would like our park back. Fields Park is a Metro-designated wildlife wetland. The park is too small, especially when baseball tournaments occur and the draw is way (too) big, with recreational vehicles attempting to camp in the park overnight.

At Parker, the wide four-lane roads, also the nearness to groceries (drinks, chips and so forth) are nearby and the ball fields at Parker would be a boon to retailers. Even a program of night lighting for games could be worked out at this spacious site.

P.S. They can’t speak for themselves, but at Fields Bridge Park, the heron, osprey, beaver, ducks, otters, owls and smaller creatures would be so grateful as well.

Andy Rocchia

West Linn

Vote for aquatic center

From 2010 to 2013 I was part of the West Linn Aquatic Center Task Force. It was amazing to me the number of people who have championed this idea with energy and passion over several decades.

We spent three years studying every angle, all based on data, facts and community guidance. We went back to the drawing board several times over the last three years to make sure we had left no solution unexplored. I can say that the process was thorough and I know I stand behind the work that was done. We certainly need to see this through.

Once passed, the center will be purposefully designed by the community with features for all citizens and with great attention to the operating impact. What a wonderful, healthy addition for all of West Linn.

It will be a draw for more young families. It will give the young and young at heart the ability to keep fit through the gray, wet months. Plus it will be a place to meet up, make new friends and build West Linn’s community spirit. Invest in West Linn’s healthy future. Vote yes on 3-432 in November.

Nancy King

West Linn

Your support helped CCC gain legislative funding

I’d like to thank our communities for their continued support during this past legislative session. The result of our collective efforts was an increase in the Community College Support Fund for the first time in five years. While funding still remains at 2005 levels, the tide has at least turned. In addition, we have secured $16 million in matching funds for two capital construction projects supporting job creation and learning innovation for our district.

The community responded to our call for support in a variety of ways, by writing letters and making phone calls to our legislators or testifying before key committees.

Our students played an important role as well, taking time out of their demanding schedules to travel to Salem and meet personally with our legislators. Each voice made a difference in telling the community college story.

Clackamas Community College legislators delivered on their promise to our district for education and job development support. I want to personally thank the members of CCC’s legislative delegation, along with the entire Legislature for demonstrating their belief in community colleges. Our legislators understand the critical role community colleges play in meeting job training and educational goals in our district.

The results of the modest increase in operational funding helps CCC as we expand student access and completion by delivering the first two years of a four-year degree and technical education leading to family-wage jobs.

The capital matching funds dedicate $8 million toward facility improvements at the Harmony Community Campus and $8 million for advanced industrial education at the Oregon City campus.

Thank you again for your support.

President Joanne Truesdell

Clackamas Community College

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