There’s no joy in riding a bike on this leg of Highway 43

I write to share my frustration commuting by bicycle on Highway 43 between McVey and Terwilliger in Lake Oswego.

I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate my round-trip bicycle commute from West Linn to OHSU — all except for this stretch in Lake Oswego. In fact, I dread this stretch, especially the afternoon leg. I know that some cyclists ride the sidewalk while others take up a lane so not to get hit by a car turning right — and a few people I know just won’t ride because of this short stretch. Frankly, it’s currently a no-win situation for both cyclists and motorists with no effective way to avoid it when traveling north from Oregon City or West Linn.

Bicycle commuting has so many perks. Not to mention that obesity is now recognized as a disease by the American Medical Association, climate change is real, gas is expensive and our mental and physical health benefits hugely by exercise. Progressive towns and cities seek ways to help communities become more healthy — through what we eat, what we do and how we get to work.

Lake Oswego needs to address bicycle travel through this critical stretch. I urge our community stakeholders and those experienced in city planning to come up with a safe solution for this situation. In the meantime, fellow bicyclists, follow the rules of the road, and motorists — have a bit of patience and consider the benefits of cycling to the greater public and environment.

And, by the way, I, too, imagine we can come up with a good, working compromise for cyclists and pedestrians enjoying the new Rosemont Trail connecting West Linn to Lake Oswego.

Dede Montgomery

West Linn

‘We salute Isa’

We read the wonderfully true and complimentary article about Isa Flores, his family and his business (the Tidings, Aug. 15).

We, like many West Linn residents, do not understand why he and his Auto Service business are being displaced from West Linn. We have used his services since 1991.

We agree with the reflections of his proactive kindness, expert customer service and auto repair skills. Everyone talks about this kind of care. Isa delivers it! In spades. Each and every time.

We plan to take our business and all of our family’s business to his new location in Oregon City. We hope everyone who has been a customer will come to him and bring one more client so that he may flourish in this new phase of his life.

We are glad that he has been honored in this article. If this decision could be overturned, I would be dedicated to doing so.

Absent that, we are committed to his success. In every way.

We salute Isa and his family and workers.

Marna K Flaherty-Robb

West Linn

Richardson misused public office

In your Aug. 8 issue, Republican governor candidate Dennis Richardson wrote as if he is the champion of education and of improving the conditions of Oregon’s seniors and working people. Unfortunately for Richardson, his writing is not at all consistent with his voting record as a legislator.

Richardson has consistently voted against increasing school funding and services for Oregon’s seniors while trying to create tax loopholes for his rich cronies. 

Unlike such Republicans in Oregon’s distant past, Sen. Mark Hatfield and Gov. Tom McCall, Richardson has also misused his public office: He created email mailings to citizens to further his ambition to be governor at taxpayers’ expense.

Richardson was nationally derided for his nutty suggestion — following the Aurora, Colo., movie theater shooting — that if the theater-goers had only all been armed, the killer would himself have been shot: Can you imagine how many more would have been killed if everyone began shooting in the dark movie theater?

We need — and currently have — a governor who is grounded in reality, not fantasy.

Robert Stoll


Contract Publishing

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